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What to Substitute for Eggs in Baking

what to substitute for eggs in baking whether you're making brownies, a box of cake mix, something from scratch, or cookies, this substitution will always work when cookie recipes!

Our Easter was interesting. You know that I don't dwell on the drama (and there always is some, isn't there?), but this Easter had a lot of {ahem} bumps in the road.

I got a stomach ache at church that lasted all day.

Joe overcooked the (delicious) ham, leaving it dry and crispy.

I told Joe to put the carrot soufflé in the microwave instead of the oven, and it turned into charcoal and broke my Pampered Chef stoneware.

It was just a Murphy's Law kind of meal.

Partway through dinner, I remembered that I hadn't made anything for dessert. Holiday meals at my house always include a lush dessert.

I got up from the table, looked through my pantry, and found inspiration in a box of yellow cake mix. As soon as I saw it, I knew I'd use it to make a quick pineapple upside down cake.

I melted butter and brown sugar, and I mixed pineapple juice and eggs.


The recipe called for 3 eggs. I had 3 dozen hard-boiled eggs, but only 1 raw egg. Joe had used 3 of the last 4 eggs to make the ill-fated carrot soufflé leaving 1 lonely egg for my cake.

I asked my mom if she had any eggs, and she said she did, but before I made her leave dinner to go get them, I searched on SwagBucks for substitutions and found something promising.


In place of each raw egg, I used 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise (but not Miracle Whip).

I was a bit dubious about putting mayonnaise in my cake batter, but the baked cake was perfect, sweet, moist, and perfectly crumbly.

The substitution was a success, and I will not forget it. 3 tablespoons of mayo work in place of one large egg.

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2 thoughts on “What to Substitute for Eggs in Baking”

  1. Ooh – that’s a great tip! I am always out of ingredients, it seems, when the mood to bake strikes – this will be a great help. 🙂

  2. my sister in law used to make a delicious Mayonaise Cake…it was chocalate, moist and delicisous…No eggs!!!

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