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I Am Brilliant (Or, How I Fixed a Toy That Was Ruined By Battery Acid)

How to save electronics damaged by batteries or battery acid - This quick and easy tip will make your toys work again!

Allie is four months and one week old. She plays with toys now. She pulls things towards herself. She chews and feels and explores.

Wanting to get a reprieve from holding her all day long, I decided to find some of Grace’s old baby toys. She had a saucer, a walker, a jumperoo, and some assorted noisy toys at this age.

I knew that Allie would love them.

I hoped that Allie would love them enough for me to get some work done around the house and play with my firstborn and her dollhouse.

Maybe even exercise.

Or blog!

I don’t ask for much.

My simple requests in mind, I crawled into our dank, dark basement crawlspace this morning, hoping not to meet anything with six or eight legs.

Twenty minutes later, I crawled back out with the toys, having successfully avoided all things creepy and crawly. Among the toys I found was Grace’s Sing-Along Stage.

Assuming that my handy husband had removed the batteries before he stored it away, I grabbed some fresh AAs and a screwdriver and sat the baby in the Bumbo seat.

My handy husband had not, as it turns out, removed the batteries.

Three years in the dank, dark basement crawlspace, and the batteries had leaked their acid out into the battery compartment of the Sing-Along Stage.

battery acid leaked into the toy

“Rats!” I grumbled, causing Grace to come over to see what I was doing.

I cleaned out the battery compartment, making sure to get all of the acid and grime.

Unfortunately, as I cleaned, the springs that were supposed to hold the batteries in disintegrated and fell out.

“Now what am I going to do?” I said out loud.

You can play with me! Grace offered.

Not so helpful.

Anyway, this toy was awesome. It sang and played music and Grace would sit (and later stand) in front of it and dance and sing and watch herself in the mirror and I loved every minute.

I would not allow a little battery acid to stand between Allie and the awesomeness of the Sing Along Stage.

I put the batteries into the compartment even though the springs weren’t there to hold them in. I hoped that, if I replaced the back panel, the batteries would not fall out and the toy would work.

Sometimes, I am more hopeful than smart.

I was wrong.

I contemplated, gnashing my teeth.

Then I had a brainstorm. What if the music failed to play because the circuit wasn’t closed? Maybe those springs had a dual purpose!

If that was the case, I just needed something metal to wedge in there.

I was about to dissect some pens for their springs when I thought about aluminum foil. I grabbed the roll from the kitchen, tore off two little pieces, and rolled them into little balls.

aluminum foil ball

After stuffing the little balls into the compartment where the springs had been, I replaced the batteries and the back panel.

how I fixed the battery compartment

And the toy started singing.

I was so proud of myself that I posted this on Twitter:

I am brilliant.

And then Grace took the toy from Allie and sat in front of the stage for an hour, singing and dancing and looking at herself in the mirror.

(I was too excited to look up the spelling ahead of time. It’s actually MacGyver.)

How to save electronics damaged by batteries or battery acid - This quick and easy tip will make your toys work again!

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163 thoughts on “I Am Brilliant (Or, How I Fixed a Toy That Was Ruined By Battery Acid)”

    • Thank you so much…I have a 2008 millennium falcon , forgot to turn “off” switch since 2008…ten years later you can imaging the corrosion. Well to my surprise , your method work..thank you so much..sounds and works well

  1. Thank you, thank you! I bought a toy at a fleamarket and didn’t check to see if the batteries were corroded. I googled how I could get this cool toy up and running for my 9 month old. This worked!!! You are brilliant!

  2. Thank you, thank you! I bought a toy at a fleamarket and didn’t check to see if the batteries were corroded. I googled how I could get this cool toy up and running for my 9 month old. This worked!!! You are brilliant!

  3. Thank you!!! I was about to throw out a swing I bought on craigslist. My mistake for not checking that compartment before buying.
    Thank you x3!!!

  4. i so tried this got a toy at a yard sale and it looked just like yours i tried the foil thing put folded it didn’t work then read yours put it in a ball and it was off and going thanks

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I pulled out a cool train toy after being in storage for 5 years and same issue. I did the tin foil trick and tadaaaaaaaaa…it worked! You are BRILLIANT! 🙂 Ty again!

  6. thank you so much u helped me mend my child’s toy dog cost me £49.99 was so pissed off the batteries had leaked and thought had to throw it away now it works perfect thank yo for sharing you idea xxxxx

  7. you have just saved me a fortune on buying a new child’s toy. The old one cost me ┚¬89, and after less than a year the batteries had leaked and distroyed the springs. Your kitchen foil trick did the job. I cannot thank you enough.

  8. Thank you for posting this! I used the aluminum foil ball in an expensive clock where the spring rusted and broke off and it works!!! It may not be professionally fixed, but it’s working!! You ARE brilliant! 🙂

  9. Oh my God you saved my day ,bought a musicale table from ebay the battries Spring was all rusted tried to clean it but nothing worked but your idea did thank you so much

  10. I just spent 30 minutes cleaning a toy for my toddler that has been sitting in our garage for a year or so. Neglected to check the battery compartment first…and yes battery acid has eaten away one of the springs! Thank you so much for posting this! Found it on Google. 🙂

  11. What did you use to clean the battery compartment with?? I have TWO toys that I purchased from a mom-2-mom and didn’t think to check :// One of them actually sounds like your musical sing along toy! Ooooh, I hope I can get these to work!! THANKS!!!

      • I also used a damp paper towel (greatest invention ever) but the rust was still there. I think the foil ball worked in spite of the rust for me. This will go into my memory bank (I am 78 so it is almost empty lol). Maybe I better put it in my book for my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren and then they can tell their parents. lol Thanks again Tara.

  12. Thank you. Two years later and you’re still helping people out. I fixed my daughters vanity and our new used exercise bike. 🙂

  13. I can be pretty smart at times but didn’t think of this myself. Thanks for sharing your post!! Had a child melting down and almost threw out a great (and expensive) toy!

  14. And yet again, you saved the day. Hand-me-down piano thingy, corroded spring. I thought of tin foil but my electronics-expert dad poo-pooed the idea. So I googled fancier solutions, and came across you. Vindicated!!! Thank you for posting!

  15. It worked thanks a lot . My used fisher price radio toys the battery was corroded and I did the aluminum ball and cleaned it with vinegar. I got the toy for Xmas from a second hand store when I got home it did not play and I was upset but I new that it was something that I could do to fix it I stub bled upon your page and I feel great that I got it working just in time for Xmas .

  16. Hey MacGuyver….What a great idea. I think I’ll file it under “Why didn’t I think of that?” I have a darling kitty toy that I forgot to remove the batteries before storing and yup, leaking batteries corroded the springs and they fell off. It was too cute to toss, after all it’s still cute to look at, so I kept it. Now I’m going to fix it. Thank you bunches. =^-^=

  17. You are awesome! Tinfoil worked for me too! A friend gave us their cute mobile with lights and different sounds and one of the springs was corroded through and it fell apart when we switched out the batteries. I was ready to cut off the stuffed animals and throw away the rest but figured it wouldn’t hurt to Google first incase something could be done. Found your blog and voila! Thanks so much!

  18. Genius! I only wish I would have found this method before I threw out a very good toy that my kiddies loved :0(
    At least I can save the rest of there toys…happy mom right now!

  19. I am in awe of your true genius. I cleaned the battery compartment of my eliptical machine with a baking soda paste. The batteries had been in there no less than five years. (We won’t talk about the not using the machine much in the past five years, we’ll talk about me using it now.) The baking soda didn’t work. Tried your method with the aluminum foil and the screen ilt up. Thank you!!!

  20. I also found this through Google. Thank you so much! I found a $200 toy at Goodwill and it had the same problem. Did I mention I got it for just $6?? I just knew there would be a way to salvage it. Yay for Mom bloggers! We can fix almost anything 🙂

  21. You are brilliant! Googled how to repair springs on battery connection, and found your answer. Just bought a almost new stationary bike, used it once couldn’t get it to work next day. Found that a spring had broke off on one connection. Put your foil to the test, and a half hour later and 8 miles down I can say ” YOU GO GIRL!”

  22. Love you! Just fixed an expensive exercise bike I was looking at, but can’t really afford, replacing! Debra x

  23. OMG THANK YOU!!!! :’) :’) I found my baby doll from when I was a little girl, and I decided to see if it still works, and as I unscrewed the back to put in batteries, I found that I had left other batteries in, which had leaked. The spring was completely rusted. I tried everything: Leaving it for 24 hours in vinegar, scrubbing it with an old toothbrush, rubbing it with baking soda, and still nothing. Lifeless. The rust came off, but it still wasn’t working. I was ready to cry and give up, but then I stumbled upon your page. I was hesitant, because I had run out of hope, and frankly this solution sounded quite odd 😛 but I put in a ball of foil, screwed the back on, turned it on and waited. Nothing again. I was about to just leave the doll and walk out with my head down, but then I heard crying, and my doll came alive again 🙂 I had tears of joy, I love this doll so much. Thank you so so much, you are awesome!! 🙂

  24. Thank you so much. My daughters tears after her fur real monkey died have all dried up now he has come back to life again. <3

  25. Thank you so much!! 🙂 I googled this, so glad I found your blog! I had my tin foil folded, which does not work. Saw you balled yours up, gave it a go and viola! Working toy! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Was trying to fix a swing for a baby. Opened it up and the springs were completely gone. Suggested the aluminum foil method to my husband and he simply laughed out loud. Googled looking for a more rational academic response and ran across your blog. THANK YOU!!!! One more for the Female revolution. He reluctantly tried the foil, while looking at me with a pathetic eye, and voila it worked.


  27. THANKS you! You saved my life. My 6 month old now has his aquarium from fisher price back …. And he sleeps again! Thanks

  28. This works like a charm! I had bought a second-hand Winnie the Pooh musical projector, only to discover that the previous owner had let old batteries in and that they had leaked. Even after some clean-up, the projector did not work. My husband was in favor of just tossing it, but I turned to Google and found your blog. The projector took 4 D batteries, so getting the foil in the right places took some doing, but I eventually managed (put some on all the contacts, even balling up tiny pieces to fit inside the springs). It now works perfectly!! I am not usually a very handy person, so I am very proud of myself. And now we know which parent our kids will depend upon to rescue their toys!!

  29. Was kindly lent a toy from a friend for my newborn. On returning it I found to my horror the batteries had leaked causing one spring to corrode! A new set of batteries and a small ball of tin foil and it works again! So relieved. Amazing tip and great photos to help. 🙂

  30. You ARE brilliant! Have an amazing musical clock that is now working because I happened on your post when I was trying to find a replacement for a corroded battery compartment. Thank YOU so very much.

  31. Found this on google search… Fixed a baby swing for my new infant son… It sat in storage for 4 years with batteries… My husband could not believe it.. He was shocked it worked.. Thank you soooooooooo much… I was looking to buy a swing for him, but was having a hard time finding one I liked… I was praying to find a way to fix his siblings old swing.. I went on google to search for a place I could take it to to pay and get it fixed, instead your post popped up and I read it.. So I said fine.. I will try to fixed it on my own… And it worked!!!!!

  32. Found this on google as well!!! You are awesome! thank you so much for this post. You saved me $$$, time and a joyful smile from my little one bless you for sharing this wonderful post bless you! It works great!!!!

  33. Wow … That really worked. Thanks a ton …. Salvaged a expensive toy that I thought I would have to throw away.

    Thanks for the great tip.

  34. Just another grateful parent here to say: THANK YOU!!! You really *are* brilliant to have come up with this idea, and I am SO very, very grateful that you were kind enough to post it here for all of us panicked parents to find by way of Google! You have no idea the sentimental value this toy has for my daughter, and I’m not sure if she or I was more heartbroken about the corroded batteries & broken off coils. It’s a Fisher Pruce aquarium that she’s had since birth (she’s now 5 & 1/2) and it has been her nightly lullaby & nightlight combo. Yes, they still make them, but they’re totally different now & we also wouldn’t have had the money to buy another one anyway. So truly, I want to thank you so much! <3 This worked beautifully and all is well in our would again! 🙂

  35. WOW!!! It really did work!!! I too salvaged a really expensive toy that I was going to throw away. A VERY BIG THANK YOU!

    From: Jessica (Northern New Brunswick, Canada)
    Tara, you should be nominated for some kind of prize. You have my vote. 🙂

  36. Your solution keeps on giving!!! Left batteries in a Christmas Train decoration and knew the grandchildren would be so disappointed if it didn’t work. Tried the balled up foil and it is flying around the track!!! Greatest idea I ever tried.

  37. I love you so much! I never would have thought of that! I always opened the whole toy thinking it was an internal problem. Never could figure it out. Now our Barbie jeep is working again. Yay! Thank you!

  38. Thank you so very much for being brilliant and for positing this! I was determined to fix an expensive keyboard toy that has been in storage after a long move.
    So, I googled and came across your bolg and am very happy; so is my son.
    The toy is now working!

  39. YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!!! I work in a photography studio; however, I keep my piano/keyboard here to play with from time to time. Well, I guess I had allowed too much time to pass…as I ended up in the same situation with broken springs and rust all over the place. I looked around…and of course, there is no aluminum here. All I had was a pack of some Extra chewing gum. The gum is wrapped in an aluminum/paper material. I folded the pieces, placed them between the batteries and the connector and yes my baby is working again!!!!!! Thank you!

  40. I could not find a solution anywhere until I found your post! I have never commented online ever, but had to thank you for reviving my very old portable CD player! What a simple solution!

  41. Wow! I bought a toy for my daughter from an online yard sale and once I saw the corrosion I thought it was hopeless, but this worked! I love this trick – thank you so much for sharing it!!!!

  42. I stumbled upon a vintage electronic football game I had stored away for decades. It’s missing the battery cover, and a couple springs had fallen off from rust. Before attempting the foil trick, I cleaned the remaining connections with vinegar on a Q-Tip. There was a lot of battery corrosion, all over the battery slots, and connections. The vinegar removed quite a bit of it. After this, I balled up a couple small pieces of foil. The batteries fit nice and snug with the foil. Unfortunately, my football game didn’t come back to life. The batteries got extremely hot to the touch. Even after removing them, and letting ’em sit out, they were still red-hot twenty minutes later. Kinda bummed, I couldn’t revive it! 🙁

  43. Hi, I was desperate to find a way to fix my old Power Ranger toy as one of the springs in the battery compartment came away due to corrosion.I Googled it & found your site.I followed your steps & it works now ! Awesome , thanks very much.

  44. Would you have guess when you posted this like 6 years ago that people would STILL be using it as though it was new information?? LOL – just fixed a keyboard for my son, and I felt like a rockstar. 🙂

  45. Hello – does this handy fix work if the springs have corroded – but not fallen out? Can/should I clean compartment out as best as I can & either wrap the springs with foil or just stuff small foil balls in with the springs or something else? Pls help! I have several great expensive toys – and other items that this has happened to. (We live in a very humid climate….) Thank you!

    • If the springs are still there, the toy should work without foil. If it doesn’t, the problem is likely coming from somewhere else. If you can’t find anything, you might try to knock them out and put foil in, but I’m not sure that will work.

  46. There was a 4-1/2 year age gap between my daughter and son, and I just brought up her baby swing to use for him. It had cost an arm-and-a-leg so I’d cleaned it and stored it carefully in a large plastic bag except Doh! forgot to take out the batteries!! (can’t blame the hubby on this one ) Was super bummed, Googled “battery acid toy won’t work” and your post was the first one that came up! 5 min later the swing works…and Mommy breathes a HUGE sigh of relief!

  47. Thank you so much. I just got this battery operated book that teaches numbers. It was the last copy in the bookstore. I bought it anyway hoping that a change of batteries was all it needed. Anyway I’ve been battling with it since yesterday and was at my wits ends when I came across your blog. Thank you so much. My toddler is having so much fun with the book as I write. I was thinking of how I regretfully threw away a very lovely sing along lullaby set when I couldn’t get it to work for my younger daughter.

  48. Wow! thank you so much. I just googled for exactly the same help and was brought to this page! So have now revived an old toy that was my eldest grandson, so my younger grandson can now play with it.

  49. Omgosh thank you so much!! worked perfectly! I bought a really nice clock from Goodwill and I didn’t even bother to check the battery compartment. So when I got home I noticed it was corroded and hoped I could find some way to fix it.This was so simple and worked perfectly. Thanks again! My grandpa will love this clock! 🙂

  50. Your site was the 1st to pop up after I googled this issue. The foil ball worked! Our very expensive animatronic dinosaur is working again. So glad I came across this super simple solution!

  51. Question??? I tried this and it worked! Toy is running at top speed, but will only turn off if I remove foil. It’s a little bit of a hassle. Battery compartments are screwed down, covered up and you need a map to get to them. Any advice? Did I do something wrong?

    • Hi, I have many battery operated candles and lights and they too have screws in the battery covers but I am 78 and have arthritis in my thumbs and wrists so taking out screws and putting them back in is no longer in my resume. 😉 The first time the screws are removed is the last time and replaced with the wide post office tape that is pulled tight to help connect everything. Just don’t cover the switch like I have done and just leave a corner of the tape loose for next time. Good luck!!!

  52. It worked to get my clock going. So helpful. Whenever I had to change time with daylight savings I could never get it going again. Thanks for getting rid of one more frustration

  53. Omg !! Thank u so much ! I was looking at my baby dolls and noticed that my first ever doll,my baby annabell wasn’t working.we tried so many methods and was even going to bring her to the doll hospital!! We tried your method and it working instintly
    I’m So delighted 🙂 ! Ur a genius 🙂

  54. Omg Just tried this on a toy that we thought was garbage- my 5 month old loves his musical/light up/vibrating bouncy chair but its sooo rusted in the battery compartment and I figured it was done.
    Then I googled and found this! Thank youuuu!!!!

  55. Wow. Thank you. Iam currently going through toys that need batteries and a couple have them have had this happened. I was going to throw them away but then I thought ‘can I save them?’, looked through the net and found this. Brilliant. This shall be my project today.

  56. I can’t believe it. I just fixed three toys using a little bit of baking soda and water to clean the rust away, and then I used your trick with aluminum foil. Thank you for your suggestion.

  57. Got an ace walking spiderman robot for £2 quid from charity shop for my little boy, got home & springs bust 🙁 this worked a treat 🙂 thanks

  58. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Part of my daughter’s friends Wii console wasn’t working. Batteries were loose and would fall out. Your trick helped keep batteries in and connected. Works like a charm.

  59. OMG thank you soo much for this great idea! I was just about to throw away a toy..and thought hey, let me google and see if i can find how to clean it..and ur page was the first one i came across..i told my kids to bring some aluminum foil and they had this puzzled look on this face, like how is that gona help..but it did! thank you soo much..they are playing with the toy now 🙂

  60. I have a beautiful flameless candle sconce went yo decorate for Christmas and the battery acid had ruined it. I cut out springs from cheap flashlights but they wouldn’t work. I paid a lot for the set . I googled and this worked immediately and was easy to mold for the right fit.

  61. Hi Tara,

    Thank you SO much for this post! With your instructions I was able to salvage a very expensive Thomas Kinkade illuminating Christmas statue…its little fireplace is twinkling brightly now thanks to your method. And I must say, this solution feels like much-belated, (but much-welcome) birthday present…you see, my birthday falls on May 10…and you posted this on May 10, 2011!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks again every so much!


  62. I have to thank you for this tip. I bought 5 singing Christmas angels for my granddaughter two years ago and one of them won’t sing. I tired to replace the batteries today (3) and one coil fell out because it was so corroded. I googled ” how t fix a broken battery circuit in a toy” and your blog appeared. Was I so happy! I broke the news to my son-in-law and he was surprised at how simple the solution was. Thank you so much for your excellent idea and for sharing it with the whole world.
    Have a wonderful Christmas

  63. Tara, thank you so much for this great fix!!!! We live in such a “throw away society.” It’s nice to know there are people out there who still repair items to reuse! I had bought my Grandchildren a beautiful Santa/elf statue that sings and dances at a flea market, only to get it home to a rusted out battery compartment!! Cleaning alone didn’t work. The foil did it!!! Thank you again, and Happy New Year!

  64. I’m so excited to have found this! I have quite a number of toys that I’ve thrown out due to this problem. I have one last toy that I’ve held on to,i will let you know how that goes!

  65. just tried it on the tonka handy tow truck. it didn’t work at all. i don’t know if probably the switch isn’t working. quite disappointed. i had hoped…

  66. Thank you so much! It worked on my boyfriend’s 500$ headphones! He was so anxious and was about to throw them away but I just managed to fix them with this easy trick! Amazing.

  67. I just did the same thing for a battery operated candle but it only worked for a minute and then nada but I didn’t think to roll the foil in a ball so tomorrow I shall try that. The candle is not mine but I am a tinkerer so when I saw two candles on a table in my apartment hallway, I investigated to see if they were battery operated and sure enough they were but no batteries and both were all rusted in the battery compartment so I “borrowed them quietly, shhhhh” and brought them to my apartment and tinkered and cleaned the rust and one works so I will try the foil ball tomorrow when I borrow the one candle again shhhhh. Thanks Tara!

    • Tara you are a genius!! I just shhhhh borrowed the candle from our hallway in my apartment building again and Ta Dahhh!!! it is now working after rolling the foil in a ball and then in a smaller ball because now the battery wouldn’t fit but after several attempts I just shhhh put it back on the table in the hallway with it’s partner candle and now they are all lit up in a joyous reunion and I was not busted.

  68. This post inspired me to press on and work to recover my son’s recorded storybook with Grandma’s voice!! THANK YOU!!!

  69. Hey Tara! Thank you so much! I was about to buy a brand new nose (hair) trimmer when I googled something about leaked battery installed on unused device for a long time. Found your blog and immediately asked my wife if she’s keeping aluminum foil, tried your solution and kaboom! Saved me 25 bucks! Thanks again and God bless!

  70. Just a quick warning…wondering if anyone else has experienced. I tried this with an outdoor string of lights and it worked like a charm! Tried with a toy and it didn’t work, so I finagled with the placement of the foil, battery positioning, turned the item off and on a few times and noticed that the batteries were getting extremely hot even when the toy was turned off. One battery actually looked like it was splitting at the seams. I tossed the whole thing in the backyard, afraid that the batteries would explode or catch fire. Never got the toy to work. Wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

  71. thanks for that! Tried all sorts like paper clips, twisted wire which connected then disconnected too easily!
    I have a few (maybe about 6 or more toys )rusty battery compartments. Didn’t throw away as it was possible to play with some without the batteries. And were gifts from aunts and uncles.
    Too many battery powered toys to keep up with so didn’t remove.
    So gonna try the foil trick. Hoping it will by pass the super rust on some of them.

  72. Tara you are a true blessing! My 7 year old granddaughter just had her day made when I found this and fixed a You & Me doll so she would talk & all again. It had two bad rusted springs — the tinfoil worked and fast! I was so glad to find this – my granddaughter too! Thank you ever so much!

  73. Thanks a lot Tara for this intelligent idea. I just fixed a guitar that my 3 year old son got from his older cousins; and I wish I could record and post his expression of excitement when I got it to work.

    By the way, I found this post through google. I am in Nigeria, Africa! Just to mention that you’re helping parents to fix this issue world wide.

  74. u r awesome…i tried it on one of my son’s fav toy that i wanted to throw n just did wat u said ….n it started working….

  75. I just tried it on my recumbent bike. It worked!!!! I can’t believe it…but I did have to fold the tin foil instead of ball it up. Thanks so much…there were no replacement parts made anymore, so I thought the machine was useless.

  76. I just bought a lifelike interactive toy cat from a junk shop on a whim – for 1 euro (am in Spain) being told the battery compartment was fubar and wouldn’t work as it was so corroded complete with dead batteries – and, yes, wrapping the springs in foil and splashing out on new batteries has got this thing meowing and purring and scratching its nose like nobody’s business. Will have to shut it up soon…!

  77. you just saved my daughter’s leapfrog tea time teapot! thank you thank you thank you! wishing i had found this about a year ago. we’ve thrown away so many RC cars and electronic musical toys you don’t even want to know…..

  78. You are brilliant! I managed to fix a 30 year old camera that my grandpa had gifted me! Thank you sooo much for this tip! Made my day!!!

  79. I own a HASBRO I-Dog Pup (Pop!/Pink version) (2005) And one of the springs had corroded and not fallen off, I tried everything in my power to make it work again and it will just not. I don’t know if it’s the corroded spring or something else and I haven’t tried the foil thing yet. But can you please help me?

  80. Thanks, your tip saved me two toys Fisher Price Rainforest Deluxe gym play mat and Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. i had totally given up after the local repair shops also turned it down. Simple fix, easy to try and worked like a charm. Thanks again.

  81. Thank you!! I was so disappointed when my fave electric candles rusted out, was told there was no way to fix it. Googled the info anyway and came on your site. It worked! You’re a genius!

  82. Thank you,

    Op shop barbie is singing again, how many toys have been saved by your wonderful post. Felicity from Australia.

  83. Hi, thanks so much for posting this! My daughter’s toy keyboard now works again and can be loved a 2nd time round with my niece!

  84. I found your page through a Google search, and I had to let you know that your top just saved a corroded Furby! My daughters day has been made, thank you!

  85. i have been searching the web for what seems ages! looking for a soft toy that talks but has no batteries in it my friend had a teddy like this but does not know who made it so i thought go on the net no luck so far i think i am looking for something that does not exist anybody out with any ideas?please thanks catherine

  86. I am so thankful I stumbled upon this!! You saved me! I have a cool vtech abc train that had bad corrosion and one spring completely eroded away. I couldnt stand the thought of tossing it when I knew my daughter would love it! I cleaned it up the best I could and used the foil and it works and she is loving it!! Thank you genius!!;)

  87. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I got this AWESOME table activity center from my sister and my 9 month old loves using it to stand up, but it’s definitely not as fun as having all the sounds! I’m so glad you wrote a post about this!

  88. Thanks to you and your ingenuity I was able to fix a favorite device of mine. It’s a Festivus miracle! Thanks for making my holiday a very happy one. Peace & Love.

  89. God bless you! You just fixed my secondhand elliptical machine I just bought. Thank you thank you thank you. I was about to be very angry.

  90. You are a LIFE SAVER!!! my toddler had been obsessing over a toy that’s been impossible to find. I magically came across it on OfferUp and came home to get it all cleaned up and ready for him. Come to find out the batteries had exploded and the seller that sold it to me had gone above and beyond to repackage a used toy and sell it at a premium as brand new. I was SO upset until I came across your article. It was our last hope and IT WORKED!!!!! thank you soooo much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!!! You made my day- even year! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  91. Thank you! I am a nature teacher and as I was putting my animals together for a program I am teaching tomorrow, I opened the battery compartment in one only to find old battery leakage! Then I found your posting and now my program is saved!! You are a true genius!

  92. I know this is 7 years later…but thank you so much for this post!!

    We found an old Christmas toy that my partner’s dad had given her before he passed away, and when we found it the battery had leaked and the spring had fell off, was so upset!

    But finding this post we had it fixed right away! Seriously, thank you so so much!!

    And merry Christmas to everyone!

  93. Has anyone had this catch fire? I’m paranoid about that. It does work great, but has anyone had issues with the tin foil being in there long term? Thanks!

  94. Yeaaaaa.. my animated santa too suffered from corrosion… till i read this… thank u sooo much… He;s back working. alllll lit up as he shud be… a christmas miracle.. 🙂

  95. 2019 n your post just saved me from sleeping in a dark house waiting for the electrician to come fix my electricity inhemeter that uses batteries and one of the springs broke off as I was replacing the old batteries!!! thank God for this post.

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