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The Book About the Smelly Dinosaur

Grace and I go to the library every week.

We maintain a schedule in order to avoid last year’s nasty fine episode. I’ve had to pay only a few bucks in fines since we started going to the library every Thursday.

Since we go often, I’ve noticed Grace choosing some of the same books over and over again. Fancy Nancy. Dora. Franklin. Arthur. Jellybeans. Clifford. She really likes the Ready to Read series.edwina

I can tell that Grace is ready to read. She’s sounding out the words and thinking about letters and how they get together.

She’s also thinking about the words themselves.

Not too long ago, she asked Can you read me the book about the smelly dinosaur?

I was perplexed. We hadn’t selected a book about a smelly dinosaur.

You know, she said. The dinosaur that used to smell bad.

“Smelled bad?” I asked.

Yeah, it was called the stinked up dinosaur or something like that.

And then I understood.

She wanted me to read Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct.

Extinct. Not ex-stinked.

She’s clever, that little person of mine, but she still has a lot to learn.

And she’s used the word extinct correctly at least ten times since.

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