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Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Rest of the Room

This week, I explained how to thoroughly clean your toilet and sink.

But there's more to a bathroom than the toilet and the sink.

Unless it's a half bath, but even so, you've got a floor and a trash can and more.

So how do you spring clean the rest?

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

  1. Clean your toilet.
  2. Clean your sink. Don't forget the vanity and area under the sink. Wipe it off inside and out, remove anything that belongs somewhere else, and replace the items that belong inside.
  3. Remove everything from your medicine cabinet, if you have one. Purge the items you no longer use or are expired. Clean the shelves before replacing the items you decide to keep.
  4. Remove everything from your linen closet, if you have one. Get rid of towels and washcloths that have holes in them or are otherwise worn and beyond their prime.Clean the shelves before replacing the items you decide to keep.
  5. Scour the tub. Use a product that's appropriate for your home's bathtub. Be careful, as some products are too abrasive and can scratch delicate materials. I use a Magic Eraser. Never use vinegar on grout!
    If there is any mildew, use a diluted bleach solution or a specialty product to remove it.
    If you have a shower curtain, take it down and wash it. If you have a door, use vinegar to remove any film.
    Don't forget to clean the faucet and soap dish.
  6. Clean the mirror. I use vinegar and water, but you could try a number of different glass cleaners or another homemade solution. Do a good job on the mirror; everyone who enters your bathroom will be looking at it.
  7. Wipe down the walls if you have washable paint. At my house, the wall next to the toilet and the wall next to the shower get grungy, so I wipe them with a Magic Eraser. It has dramatically shortened the lifetime of the paint job, but at least it's clean.
  8. Wash the curtains, if you have them, or dust the blinds. While they're down, wash the window, including the sill and top of the window.
  9. Dust. If you're at all like me, you may not have dusted in a while {two or three years}, and the shelves and light bulbs and the top of the shower have gathered some dust. Get it out of there.
    Also, don't forget to dust the ceiling and the corners, where cobwebs like to gather, and the fan and register covers.
  10. Pick up anything that belongs in another room, and put it in a box or basket until you're able to put it away. Don't take it to put it away now; you'll slow down your cleaning progress!
  11. Wash the throw rugs and bathmat. Hang them in the sun to dry; it will remove any odors and may even help with stains.
  12. Sweep and mop the floor. Don't just do the middle of the floor. Get into the corners and get rid of any dirt that might have accumulated there. Use an old toothbrush or even cotton swabs if necessary.
  13. Empty the trashcan, and then wash the empty can with a disinfectant.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Rest of the Room”

  1. Believe it or not, the bathroom is my favorite room to clean, and reading this post just made me very happy! Tomorrow is bathroom cleaning day!

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