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You Can Grow Another One

Tuesday morning, I took an Intelligender test.

If you’ve never heard of Intelligender before, let me tell you about it. (I hadn’t, just a month ago, so I don’t want to assume you have.) The Intelligender is a pee-in-the-cup test that claims to predict the gender of a baby at just 10 weeks gestation with 80% accuracy. It’s fairly controversial, and I personally know people who’ve followed the directions and gotten results that turned out to be wrong.

Nonetheless, I am bad with surprises, and I just want to know already.

I followed the directions that came with the test, and waited 10 minutes. After the allotted time, Joe, Grace, and I peaked at the cup.

intelligender results

Its results were unmistakable, predicting a boy baby.

Grace wanted to know what it meant.

“Well, Grace, it means that the baby in my tummy is a boy. You’re going to have a baby brother.”

Grace thought about that for a minute.

But I don’t want a boy baby. I want a girl baby, she grumbled, chin down on her chest.

“Oh, Honey. I know you want a girl baby, but we don’t get to choose. God decides whether the baby will be a boy baby or a girl baby.”

God decides? she asked.

“Yes, God decides.”

Well, when this baby comes out at Christmas time, you can grow another one.

“I’m not sure that will be possible, Gracie. We might not have another baby after this one is born.”

Yes, we can, she stated. You can grow a girl baby in your belly after this boy baby.

Um, no, not if I have anything to say about it.

Full disclosure – I didn’t pay for it. My friend Julie sent me the test, and her friend Candace sent it to her. I don’t know if there was a PR connection in there somewhere or not.

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3 thoughts on “You Can Grow Another One”

  1. First of all congrats!!! From what I've heard the test is more like a 50/50 thing, but who really knows? And That is so sweet wanting you to grow another baby (girl), kids say the cutest thing don't they 🙂

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