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Painting with Cookie Cutters

Painting with Cookie Cutters - This is so simple and easy! Plus, it uses barely any paint so there's no mess.

Allie loves to paint, and I do like to help her paint, but at 4, her paintings are all the same sort of globby mess. It frustrates me that she soaks her brush full of paint and slops it around the paper (though I never let on), and I think it frustrates her that she’s not able to make things look the way her sister does (like actual things instead of abstract art). I came up with a way to paint that uses minimal paint (no big globs) and lets her find success in creating just the shapes she wants. It … Read more

Cross Resist Paintings for Preschoolers and Big Kids

How to do Cross Resist Paintings for Easter or any time of year

This is one of those projects that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. We tried some resist painting using stickers a few months ago. It went well at first, but the stickers got too wet and let behind half of the sticker paper on the canvas. Someday, I’ll blog those pictures. The finished paintings look great, but the process was more difficult than I expected. Because we were making crosses this time (for Easter but really, is there a time of year when the cross is not timely and relevant?), I knew painter’s tape would work out … Read more

Glittered Acorn Craft for Kids

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of glittered acorns and explained that we were in the middle of lots of projects, but that I simply hadn’t had the time to edit photos or post them. I don’t have any more free time now than then (do you?) but I did manage to get one of our projects (my favorite recent one!) written up to share. It’s good timing because I am starting to see the fall and Thanksgiving supplies go on clearance in the stores, so you should be able to do these crafts for cheap (that is, if … Read more

Painting With Sticks and Leaves

Painting With Sticks and Leaves

Both of my girls really liked this painting project. Though, they squeal with excitement every single time I get out the paints, so they would really like any project that involved them. Materials The materials for this project are really simple. Washable paints A palette or paper plate Construction paper Sticks and leaves – Take a little tote bag and go for a walk in your backyard or down the street. Collect a dozen or so tough (not fragile) leaves. Also collect interesting seed pods, sticks, and whatever you find. Sweet gum pods would be great, as would anything with an unusual … Read more

Grace’s All That Glitters Party

All That Glitters cupcakes

Now that her new and improved bedroom is finished, Grace wanted to have a big public reveal. We invited a few friends to come over and enjoy a little party. When this sponsored campaign with Disney and Glidden began, I assumed that Grace would want to makeover her pink bedroom into a sparkly princess bedroom. I committed to have a princess reveal party – and then she decided that she wanted Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on her ceiling. It was too late to switch to a fairy party. We stuck to the original plan – a princess party – and … Read more

Grace’s New Glittery Bedroom

All that Glitters Topcoat from Disney & Glidden

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. As I mentioned earlier this month, we had some redecorating planned for Grace’s bedroom. You know, the one Joe sleeps in. Anyway. Grace wanted to put Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on the ceiling in glow-in-the-dark paint, and she wanted a glittery trail of fairy dust to swirl across the ceiling and across the walls. Not too ambitious, right? Joe is a capable painter. I knew he could handle her request. Our first step was to find stencils of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I couldn’t find stencils of Peter … Read more