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Everything’s Not Fine

Grief is a funny thing. I’ll go for weeks, feeling mostly okay, not missing her so badly, not crying for days and days. Then BAM! My gaze lands on the picture of my parents at my wedding. Or when I agreed to make plans to go out to eat on Thanksgiving because being at home without her and her perfect turkey gravy is just too hard. Or when my husband and kids decorated the giant Christmas tree that she bought when I was a little girl. Or when made out my Christmas gift planning list and write her name after … Read more

She is Gone

A friend texted me last Tuesday morning at 6:46 am. “How’s ur mom this morning?” she wrote. Seven hours earlier, I had texted her to cancel our morning art class/playdate. I was rushing to the hospital; my mom had gone into septic shock. The hours between were a blur of driving, waiting, and crying. I could hardly see my phone, move my fingers, or even breathe. “She is gone” I typed. She is gone. The words echoed in my brain over and over and over. She is gone. She is gone. There would never be another hug, another smile, another … Read more