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The Gift of You – Honoring the Man They Call Daddy

I haven’t yet written my last  Honoring the Man They Call Daddy post, called The Gift of You (and featuring a giveaway from Union28) but I’m working on it. In the meantime, check out what the other 4 amazing bloggers wrote on the subject.

Honoring the Man They Call Daddy

Did you see the other bloggers’ posts about giving yourself ?

Honoring Daddy with the Gift Of You

Looking back of the posts she’s written for Honoring the Man They Call Daddy, Amy realized that the only thing her husband really wants is her.

There’s a recurring theme here, I do believe.  My husband would give up an awful lot, save for time with me.  A happy me.  An unfrazzled me.  An undistracted me.

For me, it’s the unfrazzled, undistracted part that trips me up. One day, I’ll get there.

I hope.

Preparing Myself to Honor My Husband

Jessie Leigh’s post was exactly what I imagined when I thought about the gift of me.

I need to be his soft place to fall.  Rather than feel as though he’s being met with disappointment, disgust, and lack of respect, he needs to feel the comfort and encouragement that only I, in my critical role of “wife,” can provide.  No matter what happens in his day – if he wrecks his car, loses his job, and forgets to pick up milk – it is up to me to be the unwavering support he can always count on.

But that’s not all there is to her post. She talks about getting dolled up and other things.

Marriage & Simply Being Together

Jessica hit this week’s post out of the park. I loved reading about her tricks to having a happy marriage with FishPapa.

One important thing I’ve realized over time is that simply being together is vital to our marriage, to our friendship, to our sense of intimacy with one another. If we go too long without really talking and connecting with one another, there isn’t the sense of unity that we enjoy so much.

Joe tries to wait for me every night to go to bed, and I am always happy when he does. I bet the rest of Jessica’s suggestions would work for me, too. (Except getting up at the same time. That is just. not. going. to. happen.)

The Gift That Matters Most

Mandi listed 4 ways in which we can give ourselves to our husbands – love, respect, attention, and intimacy. When he has enough of those things from us, he won’t be tempted even by an ice cream sundae. To find out what that means, you’ll have to read Mandi’s post for yourself. It’s very clever.

Loving your husband passionately is one of the greatest gifts you can give him. It’s about a lot more than feelings; love is a choice we can make by the thoughts we think, the time we invest and the decisions we make!

When you think of it that way, what’s holding you back? To love someone is to make a choice continually throughout the day, every day of the year.

What choices are we making, really?

All of this week’s posts focused on the gift of time and focus. It’s so important, not just on date night or Father’s Day, but every day of the year.



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