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Council of Media Moms featuring a MomAgenda Coupon Code

momagendaI remember clearly when I learned about momAgenda on Cool Mom Picks. It was 2007. I was finishing graduate school, working full time, recently married and expecting my first baby. After reading the (short) review, I had to have one. That very day, I went to the website and ordered a day planner in lime green and a Kitchen Folio in blue. I have admired momAgenda ever since; those two products helped me to feel put together at home, at school, and at work.

At this stage of my life – a 30-ish mom with two young children, a home to maintain, a busy social life, and a thriving freelance and blog career – I rely on my momAgenda to keep me sane. No human being could keep track of all of the commitments, phone numbers, and due dates that come and go each and every week, and I need a way to stay organized.

I’ve moved on to hot pink, but my desktop planner is largely the same as the one I bought four years ago. It features pages pages that are divided into sections to keep me organized – a large section that I use for family commitments (like doctor’s appointments and play dates and plans with the grandparents and library due dates), 4 small sections (intended for up to 4 kids) that I use for my business deadlines, my blog’s editorial calendar, my homeschool record, and household bills, and 1 smaller section labeled dinner.

I have been going back and forth between my online Google calendar meal planning and using the dinner section of my planner. I’m not sure which I’ll stick with for the long term.momagenda review

There is so much more to a MomAgenda than just the 6-part pages, though. There is the MomEssentials booklet (that I still have – and use! from my original 2007 planner) in which you can write addresses and phone numbers that you want to keep handy. There’s a section for websites and holidays and vacations – even a section to show you how to use the whole thing.

Council of Media Moms

I’m thrilled to share that I am one of eight women selected to consult with MomAgenda on the Council of Media Moms, so I’ll be sharing more about MomAgenda is the months ahead.

What is the Council of Media Moms?

momAgenda’s Council of Media Moms are influential and engaging bloggers with a mission to collaborate and market momAgenda to a wide-spread audience consisting of women and mothers. momAgenda is committed to designing and providing functional products that meet the needs of a busy lifestyle.

MomAgenda Coupon Code

Use the coupon code BLOGMOM for free shipping on all MomAgenda orders over $45!

As part of the Council of Media Moms, I received one free planner to review. All opinions are my own.

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