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Coloring the Advent

Grace is really into the Advent coloring pages I printed out for her. Each day, she asks me to trace around the part she should color (even though she knows her numbers; I'm not sure what her reasoning is).


Over the weekend, Grace found a brand new pack of metallic and rainbow-colored crayons under the Christmas tree. She was overjoyed; she loves crayons and markers and art projects.

What luck!

I think they fell out of their (poor) hiding place when Joe put the Christmas tree up, and he didn't notice.

Oops. One less thing in her Christmas stocking.

coloring the advent

See that Robin Hood behind her? He was supposed to go in her Christmas stocking, too, but she intercepted the package when it came in the mail.

Anyway, this is about coloring the Advent, not about our failure to properly stow her presents away.

She isn't nearly as into the nativity scene that I printed, so we do it first and then this one.

If you have a preschooler, there's still time to download it and get started. You can find the link in my post about the Advent.

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