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Grace Is Getting A New Room

Last Wednesday, Grace asked me if we could paint the living room hot pink.

“No, Grace, we are not painting the living room hot pink.”

Can we paint my bedroom hot pink? she asked, examining me for a reaction.

“I don't know why not,” I responded. “I can't help with the painting, so we'll have to ask Daddy if it's okay.” We called Joe at work and asked if he had any thoughts on painting Grace's bedroom.

He had no thoughts, so I talked him into painting her bedroom.

Hot pink.

Knowing that I had a gorgeous bedding set at home, I let Grace choose a few paint samples, and we left the store.

At home, Joe got out the bedding and gave it to Grace. It was love at first sight.

Grace's new room

I love it! This is so beautiful! she said. This is for me? I just love it!

She's an old soul. I love the way she talks.

Probably because she talks like me.

The next afternoon, Grace and I met Joe at the store after work. I found paint samples that were close to the ones Grace had chosen but also matched the pinks in the comforter. We bought primer, 2 gallons of hot pink paint, 1 gallon of light paint, and rollers.

Stop back tomorrow to find out what happened next.

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5 thoughts on “Grace Is Getting A New Room”

  1. Zoe used to sound like me and talk like an old soul, then we moved to a neighborhood full of kids and now she sounds like a kid. It makes me kind of sad. I can’t wait to see how the room comes out

  2. Can you PLEASE tell me what color of pink you used? Also where you bought the paint? I have been searching everywhere for a hot pink like that one and haven’t had any luck.

    • I got the paint at Lowes but I couldn’t begin to guess what the color or brand was. We walked into the paint department, Grace picked a paint sample, and we handed it over to the guy behind the counter. It took 4 coats to get it the color in the photos.

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