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Calendar Solution for Busy Moms: The BusyBodyBook Weekly GRID

I’ve talked before about how I use Google Calendar to organize my family’s life.

See all of the different colors on my calendar? Each color represents a different facet of my life.

  • Freelance/blogging commitments
  • Feels Like Home editorial calendar
  • Menu plan
  • Health care (all of our doctor, dentist, and other appointments)
  • My full time job
  • Joe’s full time job
  • Family functions & events

Busy Body BookMy Google Calendar is synced with my iPhone, so I have access where ever I go.

The only problem with my Google Calendar system is that Joe never looks at it.

Less than once a month qualifies as never, right?

On Wednesdays, Joe asks me if we have any plans for the weekend. (That’s a throw back from our dating days when I wouldn’t accept a date unless plans were made before Wednesday. It’s called training.)

Most afternoons, Joe asks what’s on our dinner plan for the evening.

Before he makes plans with a friend, Joe calls me to ask if he’s available.

I get annoyed because he doesn’t use the system that I’ve worked so hard on.busybodybook

When Joan Goldner, owner of the BusyBodyBook, asked me to review one of her calendars, I thought it might be the answer to my dilemma.

I have always thought of BusyBodyBooks as personal agendas – the kind that’s perfect for a student who has multiple class assignments to track or for a mom who doesn’t rely on an online calendar. Looking at the website, however, I discovered a nifty wall calendar.

The BusyBodyBook Wall Calendar is the only calendar available today with a side by side column format. I can put all of our commitments and activities on the calendar at the beginning of the week, and Joe (and when she’s bigger, Grace) can see what’s for dinner, who has what going on, and when we have down time. I love the idea.

See what I mean? Each column will work perfectly for one of my calendars.

busybodybook page

The calendar is set up in such a way that you can display one week or two weeks at a time. The system will take a little bit longer for me to set up (filling in the calendar every week or every other week), but it will be worth it when Joe doesn’t have to harass me to find out what’s going on in our lives.

You can learn more about all of the BusyBodyBook products at Amazon or

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  1. No link to BusyBodyBook? Guess I'll just have to google it. 😉 You have me curious! As a pastor's wife we have a crazy life too and I can't get my hubby to look at the google calendar either…a man thing I wonder??? Thanks for the post!

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