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This is How Daddy Pees

Grace is learning to use the potty.

We talk about our bodies and their signals, and we allow Grace to be naked to encourage her to to recognize them and get to the potty in time.

That's really just a nice way to try to tell you that we talk about peeing and pooping at my house all. day. long.This is How Daddy Pees

I know you're jealous. It's a glamorous life we lead over here.

This afternoon, Grace tucked me in (to her bed) and sang Hush little baby, don't say a word. Now go-o-o-o-o to-o-o-o-o sleep!

I love the goofy juxtapositions she comes up with.

Anyway, she patted my back, turned off the light, and left the room. I was hoping she'd be gone long enough that I could really take a snooze.

No luck. About ninety seconds later, Grace was back.

Mommy! she exclaimed urgently.

“Yes, Dear?” I mumbled, eyes still shut.

Daddy is peeing in the potty!

“Yeah for Daddy!”

Daddy is peeing in the potty like this!

I didn't want to miss the demonstration, so I opened my eyes. Grace reached down with both hands, grabbed body parts she doesn't have, and hunched her shoulders over.

Just like Joe does.

There is no privacy here. She barges in on everyone.

I couldn't help myself. I laughed a loud belly laugh. Grace grinned and then laughed, too.

“Is that right?” I asked her when we'd both calmed down.

Yes! Daddy pees just like this!

And then she did it again, and we laughed more.

“How's that work, exactly?”

Grace looked perplexed for a second, but then said, Daddy pulls his bottom down and then squeezes out the pee.

“Oh yeah? He pulls and squeezes, huh?”

Yeah! She laughed. Daddy is so silly!

“Did you hear that, Daddy?” I called into the hallway.

“Hear what?” the poor man asked, walking in to Grace's room.

“Show Daddy how he pees, Grace.”

She did, laughing the whole time. Daddy, you pull and squeeze your bottom!

“See there, Daddy? You pull and squeeze. Just like a cow.”

I wonder if we should get a lock for the bathroom door.

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11 thoughts on “This is How Daddy Pees”

  1. Type your comment here.I trained our triplets with the whole naked from the waist down philosophy! Good times!
    I just can't imagine what it must be like for little girls to have to be introduced to the male appendage so early on in life!lol Can you imagine what they must think???!!! Lordie.

    My poor girls have to see it times 2!!! Well, 3 if you count the dad. Good luck with the whole peeing on the pot thing.

  2. Yes, that's what we do, naked from the waist down. The only bad part is that I can't take pictures of her antics. 🙂 Fortunately, this won't last that long.

    Our friend's daughters thought that everybody was born with that appendage, but it fell off when you learned to use the potty. How funny is that?! They had never seen one before their baby brother was born, so they just assumed that they'd lost theirs.

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