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Healthy Onion Dip

This healthy Greek yogurt onion dip is great for veggies, snacks, and chips. You're going to love it with dinners too! Vegetarian recipe.

I originally published this healthy onion dip for dipping with fried pierogies, but I have since enjoyed it with veggies as well. Joe likes it with chips. I have been digging through the archives of my little old blog (all 2,000 posts) over the last couple of weeks, and I found a bunch of recipes buried in old posts. I have been typing them up in my new recipe format this weekend, so that’s why they’ve all published at the same time. Print Recipe Healthy Onion Dip Course Condiment Servings Ingredients 16 oz Greek yogurt1/2 cup white onion finely chopped1 … Read more

How to Make Hot and Sour Soup

hot & sour soup recipe

I’m not a big soup fan. Chili, yes (especially topped with cheese and sour cream). Chowder, yes (especially when topped with cheese and green onions). Chicken broth soups, not so much. Except for one. Every time I’ve ever been sick or had dental work or in any way didn’t feel like eating, I have craved hot and sour soup from my favorite Chinese restaurant. There is just something about it that makes my body feel good. I found a recipe for hot & sour soup on the Nakano website, and I couldn’t wait to try it.  The recipe used simple, … Read more

Oriental Salad

I’ve had this recipe at lots of different picnics and potlucks, and I always love it. It’s so versatile, and it transports really well. If you’re making it the night before, leave out the Ramen noodles, almonds, and sesame seeds. They will get soggy if left in the salad too long. Photo credit Print Recipe Oriental Salad Servings Ingredients 1 small head cabbage shredded3 green onions sliced1 package Ramen noodles broken into smallish pieces1 can water chestnuts coarsely chopped, 8 oz3 Tbsp sesame seeds2 1/2 oz sliced or slivered almondsraisins shredded chicken, optional Servings Ingredients 1 small head cabbage shredded3 … Read more

Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas

How to make the best chicken bacon ranch quesadillas - Topped with sour cream, these cheesy chicken sandwiches are full of melted goodness. Perfect simple and easy weeknight dinner!

I loooooove quesadillas, and we have a fancy little quesadilla maker at home. We used to use it about once a week although since I no longer eat tortillas, we’ve slowed down quite a bit. Quesadillas are a great weeknight dinner because they include protein, dairy, and a little bit of carbs, and you can even throw in some veggies. Plus, you can make one in about five minutes with virtually no prep. I suppose if you had a family of 10 people, it would become a pretty lengthy process, but for our family of four, quesadillas are super quick. … Read more

Hash Brown Casserole

I’ve been craving some comfort food.
This Hash Brown Casserole from Weight Watchers’ Cream of the Crop magazine is a healthier, lower fat version of comfort food that tastes as good as the original.