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Living Fully – Why I’m Not Bringing Our Holidays Down a Notch

Bring the Holidays Down a Notch

Yesterday, I refused to take Grace to Girl Scouts because it was snowing and the roads weren’t plowed or treated. She was disappointed. Last week, I broke the news to Grace that we are not going to participate in the homeschool co-op next year. She was disappointed. Last month, Grace’s friends at church went to Disney World (for two weeks!). They came back and told her all about the rides and the food and the characters. Grace asked if we could go to Disney World. I told her that maybe, some day we could, but it’s very expensive and will … Read more

Everyone is a Mess and Other Reflections from #Allume

Problogger at Allume

This past weekend, I went to the Allume Conference for Christian women who blog. I’ve been to this conference (formerly called Relevant) twice before, and I almost didn’t go this year. Tickets for the conference sold out in August, and I’d never purchased one. I thought I would be okay with not going, and then buzz surrounding the conference grew, and I felt a pull to attend. I knew I would go if I was meant to go, so I mentioned that I was looking for a ticket on Twitter a few times. Less than 24 hours after I first … Read more

6 Tips for a Fabulous About Page for Your Blog

I receive more comments and compliments on my About page than any other single page on Feels Like Home, so I offered to share some information with you on creating a rocking About page. Why You Need an About Page Why should someone read your blog? If I’m new to your site, I want to learn about you. I want to know what your hook is. What makes you special? Your existing readers want to know who you are. They are already reading your stories, and they want to know more about the person behind them. “Pay no attention to … Read more

Spotlight on PR

Are you wondering how to reach out to PR professionals? Do you feel intimidated by all of the PR talk going on in the blogosphere these days? Would you like to have your blog noticed by top-notch PR professionals? This is your opportunity. Public relations is about relationships. Coincidentally, blogging is about relationships, too. You already have the skills; Adrienne and I would like to help you to create and foster the relationships. Adrienne and I have done some networking on your behalf. We know some terrific PR professionals, and we know that there are many more terrific professionals that … Read more