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Turkey Black Bean Sloppy Joes in Acorn Squash Bowls

turkey black bean sloppy joes in acorn squash bowls - These quick and easy healthy recipe uses ground turkey to make traditional sloppy joes. Great recipe for two with leftovers and kids like it, too. Great gluten-free, low carb recipe. This is the best weeknight dinner recipe because it's so simple and delicious.

Joe and I have to struggle to eat healthy, low calorie foods. We’ve tried (and failed at) several diets in the five years we’ve known each other, but this is a recipe has stuck with us since the first one. Joe found something like this recipe in a cookbook that his mom had many years ago. The original recipe was for sandwiches. We doctored it to lower the calories and for our personal taste. Then, one day, we made the Sloppy Joes, but realized (too late) that we didn’t have any bread. Joe said, “Why can’t we stuff it in … Read more