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Kid Sushi

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  • bread (you already know that whole grain bread is best right?)
  • Lunch meat sliced thin
  • cheese slices Low fat
  • Baby spinach or spring mix
  • Carrots peeled and grated


  • Cut the crusts off of the bread (save these for bird food or for bread crumbs or stuffing) and roll the soft part until it is as flat as possible.
  • Lay one thin piece of meat and one thin piece of cheese on top of the bread.
  • Put one layer of spinach or spring mix leaves on top of the cheese and top with a very thin layer or carrots.
  • Roll up the ingredients, and cut it diagonally.


You could also add a very thin layer of mayo, mustard, or whatever your preferred condiment is on the bread, but the key is to keep it very very thin so that the layers roll up nicely.
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