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This list of 40 audiobooks is perfect for kids, tweens, and teens - and even adults!

We like to listen on road trips or anytime we're driving together, but you could also use these for family read aloud time. 

My kids are 5 and 9, so these are primarily for the younger crowd. Having said that, we don't listen to babyish books. These are all real literature.

The Secret Garden - This is my new favorite book, and it's a long one. A little girl finds a secret garden and a whole new self in the process. I can't recommend it highly enough. I loved the narrator and the story. It's the perfect package.

The Penderwicks series - We all fell in love with the Penderwicks. The first book is all about a family vacation, and the way it changes their lives forever (in a really good way).

The Little House on the Prairie series - We have listened to every book in the series twice, and it brings one of our favorite book series to life in a way that we hadn't experienced before. I love love love love this series of audio books.

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