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This Instant Pot sweet balsamic pork roast is delicious and flavorful, with balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and soy sauce making the best gravy.

The Instant Pot makes this juicy, flavorful, delicious pork roast in  under an hour!


Olive oil Pork roast Balsamic vinegar Soy sauce Fresh garlic Brown sugar Cornstarch Rosemary

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Mix garlic, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, water, cornstarch*, soy sauce, and rosemary in a small bowl.


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Heat the Instant Pot to sauté. When the display reads HOT, brown roast, approximately 4 minutes per side.


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Remove the pork, and add the water to the Instant Pot. Use the water to help you scrape up all the brown bits from the bottom of the pot.


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Add the sauce to the Instant Pot.


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Place the pork in on top of the trivet. Program Instant Pot to the high pressure or meat setting and cook for 15 minutes per pound.


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Slice the pork and serve topped with lots of sauce.


You can add the cornstarch and water after cooking. Simply remove the pork from the IP and set it to sauté. Mix the cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of water to make a slurry, and pour that into the juices left behind in the pot. Heat on sauté until the sauce boils, about 5-7 minutes.

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