Lined Circle


These printable scavenger hunts for kids & teens make hunting for Easter baskets pure joy! Includes both religious & non-religious clues.

My little, last minute Easter basket scavenger hunt from 2016 was such a success that they talked about it in 2017 as Easter approached. 

I planned in 2017 to reuse the same scavenger hunt, and I was HORRIFIED when I realized they remembered the whole plan. They knew the first couple of clues and the last couple of clues. They remembered where the Easter baskets had been.

So in 2019, there were 2 scavenger hunts, one without words for my daughter who was  struggling to learn to read, and one for my teen who could handle much more difficult clues and tasks.

I  can't overstate the level of fun and excitement that these scavenger hunts create around Easter baskets.

They don't take much time to set up the night before, significantly less than wrapping Christmas presents, and they will absolutely delight your kids.

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