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This simple and easy watermelon jam recipe uses sugar and pectin to cook the best watermelon jelly you've ever eaten!

One medium-sized watermelon makes two batches of jam with enough watermelon chunks leftover to have as an after dinner snack.


Watermelon chunks,      black seeds removed Lemon juice No sugar needed pectin Sugar That's it!

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Puree the watermelon chunks in a blender or food processor.


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The finished amount of puree should be roughly 4 cups. There is no need to strain the watermelon juice because the puree gets very thin.


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Pour the watermelon puree into a large pot. Add lemon juice.


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In a small metal bowl, whisk both boxes of pectin together with ½ cup of the sugar. This will prevent the pectin from clumping later on.


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Whisk the pectin/sugar mixture into the watermelon puree.


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Bring the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat. Stir almost constantly to prevent the bottom of the mixture from burning.


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Add the rest of the sugar when the mixture is boiling so hard that you can’t stir the bubbles away. Whisk the sugar in.


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Return the mixture to a hard boil, and cook for one minute.


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After one minute, remove the jam from heat.


WHAT'S NEXT? 1. Can the jam in a hot water canner. 2. Freeze the jam. 3. Eat the jam fresh.

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