There are more ideas to fill plastic Easter eggs here than you could ever possibly use. Recently updated for 2020, this list includes items for toddlers all the way up to teens.

If you're looking for some non-candy alternatives, pick up some of this stuff between now and the weekend.

Ready for some fun ways to celebrate Easter with your family?

1. Fruit snacks 2. Mints 3. Trail mix 4. Dried fruit 5. Nuts 6. Marshmallows 7. Cereal 8. Gummy bears or worms

9. Nilla Wafers 10. Gum or gumballs 11. Fruit roll ups 12. Goldfish crackers 13. Peanut butter crackers or cheese crackers 14. Grapes 15. Cuties (clementines) 16. Dollar bills

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