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A Day at the Philadelphia Zoo

Rain forest carousel at the Philadelphia zoo

Grace and I were invited to Blogger Day at the Philadelphia Zoo this week. Wow. Just wow. Before we left, Grace and I checked out the Philadelphia Zoo’s website. We looked at pictures of many of the animals, and Grace decided that she was most interested in seeing the hippopotamus, the rhinoceros, and the parrot. I was excited about seeing the gorillas, orangutan, and otters. Being 18 weeks pregnant, traveling alone with Grace, and knowing the temperature was to creep up into the 90’s with very high humidity, I made a mental plan ahead of time. I knew we wouldn’t … Read more

How A Bird Nest Rocked My World

A few days ago, Grace ran in the house, two steps ahead of Joe, both of them breathless. Come see! Come see! “Come see what, guys?” I asked, slightly irked that they were taking me away from the important task at hand. There’s a big mess in my house! “There’s a big mess in your house? How did your house get a big mess in it?” A bird put it there! “Why did a bird put a big mess in your house?” It was making a nest! In my house! “It made a nest in your house? Can I see … Read more