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Loving and Losing and Gaining Even More

Last Wednesday, we had to put our beloved Zeus to sleep. He was almost 15. He predated my kids, my husband, and even my house. We had been together longer than anyone in my adult life. What’s more is that he died on December 30, two years to the day after I had to put his sister to sleep. To say I was sad that day is an understatement. I was devastated. I’d had a feeling he was sick, but had been living in denial for a few weeks. In the end, it turns out that he really was sick, … Read more

Allie and Grace and Zeus

Something happened this week that is so typical of Allie right now. One of our cats, Zeus, is testy. He has a giant personality, and he always has. He doesn’t like men at all, and he has always pushed Grace around. Grace is afraid of him. She won’t walk over him in the hallway; she waits for him to move. If he meows at her, she will jump off the couch, jump out of his way, or jump up onto a chair to get out of his reach. She’s learned that he only talks when he’s mad, and if he’s mad, a … Read more

Arm & Hammer’s Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter and My Stinky Cats

I am delighted to be one of twenty bloggers featured in Arm & Hammer’s Switch & Save Challenge. During the next five months, I’ll be testing several Arm & Hammer products and sharing my experiences with you. For me, a home isn’t a home without pets. We have 4 cats, 1 turtle, 2 goldfish, and 7 5 4 3 hermit crabs. Like the people who live here, each of our cats has a unique personality. Zeus is a big baby, wanting to sit on my lap and knead me whenever I’ll let him. Molly is simultaneously antisocial and wanting to … Read more