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15 Encouraging Books for Exhausted Women

Encouraging books for exhausted women, especially moms - These reading lists for fiction and non-fiction are full of encouragement, strength, and hope. Some include the words and truth of God and some are purely for fun and escape. Written by teachers of faith and full of truths from the heart. Lots of great book ideas here, perfect for summer reading or anytime.

I love to read, and I have for all of my days on this earth. I remember as a little kid, holing up inside my bedroom to read. My mom used to get on my case to go outside and play with my sister because she was playing, and I was laying on my bed, reading a book. I love books. Since I’ve become an exhausted working woman and mom, I haven’t had as much time for books. Gone are the days of turning pages in my bed for hours. I have a Kindle now, and LOVE IT, but I … Read more

25 Simple & Easy Habits to Make You a Happy Mom Even When Life is Hard

While this has not always been the case, I am a genuinely happy person these days. My life is stressful, don’t get me wrong: I worry daily about whether I’m doing a good enough job for my husband and children. I am battling a raging food addiction and trying unsuccessfully to work the steps in a 12-step program. My house is an embarrassing mess, and I am overcommitted. But at the end of the day, I am content with the way things are and don’t generally feel bitter or angry or resentful. I have great joy in Jesus and in … Read more

14 Habits of Very Happy Moms

14 awesome habits of very happy moms - how to be content in your role as a working or stay at home mom. Tips, wisdom, and suggestions on how to be a happier mom in every day life. Includes morning and evening routines and self care needs. Inspiration, encouragement, and things to do to improve your mood and attitude toward your kids and family.

  Friend, are you happy, right now, today? Do you greet each new day with joy and wonder or do you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, grumpy and miserable? Does time with your kids make you feel great or bring out the worst in you? Would your husband describe you as cheerful and content or irritable and short-tempered? I don’t ask these questions to make you feel bad about yourself, truly. I just want to start off by taking the temperature of your outlook on life as it is today. I have gone through seasons of my … Read more

105 Self-Care Ideas for Busy Women

105 awesome, creative, DIY self care ideas for busy women especially moms - It is not easy to love yourself, but it is essential. Simple and easy activities that anyone can do. Challenges and things to do for kids, teens, and adults, and even for men. Helps with physical, mental, and emotional health as it fights depression, anxiety, and stress. Great inspiration and encouragement to feel better. Christian themes and suggestions.

How do you love yourself? I mean, like, how do you take care of yourself when you’re busy or stressed? My therapist calls it self-care. But anyway, what do you do? Until very recently, I was very bad at self-care. I had two main self-care strategies until now: eat and spend money. Neither of these strategies has been particularly helpful since I am trying to lose weight and get my finances in order. They might make me feel better in the short term, but they have the opposite effect in the long term. So. What are we going to do to take care … Read more

How to Work Full Time and Homeschool

I have worked part-time since I quit teaching high school five years ago, but I never dreamed I would go back to full-time. Like, ever. Well! God has a way of working things out, and a perfect opportunity came along from an employer that I liked very much. At the same time, we have been homeschooling since preschool, so continuing to do so after I accepted this full-time position was a given. Whatever my job situation was, we would continue to homeschool. I have been working full-time for two months, and while it has not been easy to continue to homeschool, we … Read more

God’s Plans and My New Job

Hello my dear readers! It has been a very long time since I wrote a post from my heart to yours (without a numbered list, ha!), but I thought it was time for that, for an update on my life like I used to post back in the days when this was a personal blog. In February of this year, I lost my job at AboutOne. The company downsized, and everyone who was part-time was laid off. I was devastated, and I prayed harder than I’ve ever prayed. Thanks to the goodness of God, I had a new job in less than … Read more