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Step by Step String Art Tutorial for Beginners

How to make easy string art for beginners - This simple step by step tutorial shows how to DIY string art with yarn, cords, or twine (embroidery thread doesn't look as nice). Includes patterns and can be made by kids or adults. Creative design ideas for a heart and a star. Includes simple ties and knots. Great fine motor activities!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this picture of my string art on Instagram: I was more or less happy with the outcome, but the project had taken me literally half my life to complete. I asked for help, suggestions, tips, encouragement, anything my friends and followers had to offer. Between Facebook and Instagram, I got a lot of advice, some of which I will share with you below. In my Instagram post, I said that I didn’t think I had another string art project in me, but I already had all the materials, and Allie was asking me … Read more

Cute Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny Craft

When I was a little girl, my mom made this adorable bunny out of popsicle sticks and gave them as gifts to everyone she knew. I know she kept one for herself because my sister found it in her things, and I know she gave one to Old Grandma because she still has hers, too. I imagine that she gave them to my Granny and who knows who else. She was a very generous person. The Easter bunny’s face was attached to a baby food jar, and she kept paper clips and push pins and other small things in hers. … Read more

Grace’s New Bedroom: Before We Started Painting

Did you see where Grace asked us to paint her room hot pink? When Grace was born, Joe and I decided that she didn’t need a fancy nursery. I made curtains with baby Snoopy on them (behind Elmo, whose sole purpose is to block out the sunset so Grace will go to sleep at night). We bought fitted crib sheets, but skipped all of the ruffles, blankets, and assorted things-you-don’t-need. Initially, we used wood animals to make a faux border around the white room. When Grace got old enough to reach them, she pulled most of them off the walls. … Read more