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Seventh Generation Project Laundry Line Challenge

We are laundry delinquents. I stuff my clothes down the laundry chute until it’s full to the top. My husband does sort of the same thing, except that he makes his dirty laundry into a pile in the doorway of his closet. At least mine’s out of sight. Anyway, we’re both busy professionals, and laundry falls to the bottom of the list. Every. Single. Week. When My Blog Spark asked us to participate in Seventh Generation’s Project Laundry Line Challenge, I agreed. I thought it would give us a reason to stay on top of our laundry. What is Seventh … Read more

Playing In The Waves

When I was 9 or 10, we lived in a housing development across the street from Geauga Lake Park in Aurora, Ohio. It’s hard for me to imagine in 2010, but in 1988, my sister and I walked the mile or so from our home to the park, season passes and beach towels in hand. The two of us spent hour after hour in The Wave, a huge pool where a 5-foot wave moved through the water every twenty minutes. We jumped into and through the waves time after time, until our skin was crispy and sunburned. And then we … Read more

10 Ways To Have Fun with a Preschooler at the Beach

Taking a preschooler to the beach? Simple and easy suggestions, activities, and tips for what to do. Make art, crafts, science experiments, math activities, and games. Super fun! They'll never get bored!

We’re going to the beach for a week this summer. I like the beach, and Grace liked it the last time we went, too. I think Grace will have fun, but I’m a little afraid of a bored tantrum where she whines, “I want to go-o-o-o!” To keep her from getting bored, I have assembled a list of 10 things we can do together in the days leading up to and at the beach. Ahead of time Make a flower visor to keep little faces shaded. I’m thinking that we can make a couple of these in different colors, and … Read more

Joe’s First Slip N Slide

A few weeks ago, on a shopping trip, Joe told me he’d never played on a Slip N Slide. I couldn’t believe it. Given this tragic news, I wouldn’t allow him to pass by the Slip N Slides without buying one. It was $9. Our Slip N Slide sat around in the box for a month or more, and then, one hot afternoon, Joe spread it out in the yard. The instructions suggest that the Slip N Slide is for ages 5 to 12 only. Neither Grace nor Joe is in that age range, but it didn’t stop them from … Read more

How to Keep Your Water Bottle Cold All Day

It’s summer vacation! It is here, anyway, so I hope it’s summer vacation where ever you live. For Grace and I, summer vacation means lots of hikes, picnics, and other outings. I always pack lots of snacks for us – Sweet N Salty bars, fruity snacks, nuts, and fresh fruit. I also pack water bottles. Warm water is the antithesis of refreshing, especially if it’s a hot day. To keep the water in our water bottles icy cold, I use this tip: Freeze the water bottle Fill your water bottles 1/3 full and freeze them. Keep the water bottles in … Read more

A Refreshing Watermelon Drink

watermelon drinks

Even when I’m not gestating, I don’t consume much alcohol. It’s a medical issue.
I saw a wonderful, summery watermelon drink recipe in the June issue of Everyday Food, but it called for tequila. Two very minor changes turned it into a watermelon mocktail perfect for our whole family.
Watermelon Spritzers