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10 Tips to Drink More Water

10 Tips and ideas to drink more water - Water is great for your health and nutrition and helps to lose weight! There are many benefits and reasons to drink more water, and this post will walk through them as well as to give you 10 ways to drink more of it!

There are a few rules following bariatric surgery. First, you always eat your protein first. You have to get at least 80 grams of protein daily. Second, you have to drink, drink, drink water all day long. You are supposed to get at least 60-80 ounces of water per day. Third, you have to stay under 1,000 calories and approximately 50 grams of carbs per day. I don’t have any trouble with the protein having discovered a love for seafood, and the calories and carbs are pretty easy, too. But drinking 60-80 ounces of water a day when your stomach can … Read more

Tips for Visiting Hersheypark’s Boardwalk Water Park

We love Hersheypark. We visit often, usually once a week, and I have amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years that I am happy to share with you. Most of these tips are true for any water park, so read on. On Monday, I shared my best tips for season passes, planning a visit, and eating at Hersheypark. Head over there for more general amusement park tips. This is not a sponsored post. Everything we’ve done in Hersheypark has been on our own dime. I’ve never been paid or comped for any visits. The Boardwalk at Hersheypark The Boardwalk … Read more

Drinking More Water – Featuring Omega Water

OMega Water

One of the foundations of my new healthier lifestyle is to drink more water. I’ve always been a heavy drinker. ha! I don’t drink alcohol at all. But I do consume a lot of liquid. Sometimes, I’m too dorky even for myself. Back to the point. I drink a lot, and I have been working hard on drinking more water and less juice and tea and pop. I read somewhere that my drinking a full glass of water before meals and any time I feel like I’m getting hungry will help me to ascertain whether I’m really hungry or not. … Read more

10 Ways to Clean with Vinegar in the Kitchen

There is no need to buy fancy chemical-based cleaners for most jobs.  In fact, vinegar is the best all-around cleaner that I know of. Here are some of the ways that I use it: 10 Uses for Vinegar De-stink your kitchen towels. Tammy’s Kitchen has a great solution for getting rid of the sour stink. Trap fruit flies. I learned this tip from Tammy’s Kitchen, too. I set out a dish of red wine vinegar to trap fruit flies, and it worked really well. Remove soap scum and hard water spots. Our glasses, plates, and bowls get coated in soap … Read more

10 Uses for a Colander

uses for a colander

Everyone uses their colander, right? I’ve never heard anyone complain about having to keep a colander around and never using it. What do you use it for? To drain pasta? Anything else? If you’re restricting your colander to pasta duty, you are definitely not using it to its full potential. I have metal colanders in a couple of different sizes. They stand up to heat better than plastic ones, making some of the following suggestions possible. If your colander is plastic, you will definitely want to keep it away from the heat of the stove. Whether your colander is metal … Read more

Bouncing at Cherry Crest Farm

Some things are fun no matter where you do them. {Jumping on the Bouncing Pillow at Cherry Crest Farm} No matter how hot it is outside. {94 with high humidity} No matter how dirty you are. {Covered with dust} No matter how red your face gets. {Speaks for itself} No matter who’s with you. {Best friends you met a few hours earlier} No matter what’s going on around you. {The Strasburg Railroad passes through Cherry Crest Farm.} No matter how many time your Mom makes you take a break for a drink of water. {I lost count.} Some things are … Read more