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Washi Tape Butterfly Magnet Craft

This super cute, simple, and easy washi tape craft also uses a popsicle stick and pipe cleaners to make a little butterfly or dragonfly. Great for toddlers, preschoolers, kids, teens, or adults to decorate the walls. Nice spring or summer decoration. Cute and creative ideas for girls and women.

I am in love with washi tape. If you haven’t seen my stash already, here it is in all its glory. It’s a sickness, really. I can’t walk past a display of washi tape without buying a tube or two. Joe and the kids mock me. Washi Tape Butterfly Magnet Craft I actually made these little butterflies twice. I made them the first time with popsicle sticks, as you can see below, but I didn’t like the long sticks and took them apart. I could have used mini popsicle sticks or cut these with my handy dandy miter box and saw, … Read more