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8 Tips for Kids to Improve the Health of Kids Who Are Picky Eaters

8 ways to improve your kids health

My kids subscribe to a special diet. I regretfully call it the chicken nuggets and french fries diet. I feel like we do everything right, but they are at a stage where they want to eat all the world’s fake food, and they refuse to eat anything else. I jest. There are plenty of things they eat besides chicken nuggets and french fries (mostly because I only allow them to eat those once a day, and not even every day). During this season of their life, I have a few strategies to keep them healthy. Feed them L’il Critters Gummy Vites … Read more

Build Strong Bones Together

Did you know that 95% of bone building happens before age 20? It’s true. Calcium is so important in the diets of our kids, but fewer than 15% of teenage girls get enough of it. Grace is turning seven in three weeks. Seven!  I think she’ll be fourteen three weeks after that. She really wants to be older so that she can try these Viactiv chews. Every day, she pouts, “I wish I could have some of those!” and I have to tell her that the only vitamins she’s old enough to eat are the gummy ones in the cupboard. When Mom … Read more

Drinking More Water – Featuring Omega Water

OMega Water

One of the foundations of my new healthier lifestyle is to drink more water. I’ve always been a heavy drinker. ha! I don’t drink alcohol at all. But I do consume a lot of liquid. Sometimes, I’m too dorky even for myself. Back to the point. I drink a lot, and I have been working hard on drinking more water and less juice and tea and pop. I read somewhere that my drinking a full glass of water before meals and any time I feel like I’m getting hungry will help me to ascertain whether I’m really hungry or not. … Read more