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Betty Crocker Cakes and Frosting Giveaway

Back in March, I asked Grace some questions about her impending birthday. Everybody knows that birthdays are all about the cake. And the singing, but let’s just talk about the cake for now. If that weren’t true, my sister and I wouldn’t have spent days working on that crazy castle cake for Grace’s birthday. Incidentally, the Betty Crocker website has a tutorial for a much easier castle cake. I mentioned before that Grace’s birthday party was sponsored by Betty Crocker. We received some cool goodies, including the cake and frosting that we used at Grace’s cupcake-decorating party. covers all … Read more

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Circus Coupon

Last year, we took Grace to the circus. Go ahead and read my review before you continue. Grace has talked about our trip to the circus for the fourteen months since we went. I’m so excited to be going again next week, when the circus will be nearby, in Hershey, PA. This year, we’ll see a different show from what we saw last year: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is roaring into town with Barnum’s FUNundrum!, a new jumbo-sized, un-miss-able event celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of legendary P.T. Barnum, the Greatest Showman on Earth! From the … Read more

How A Bird Nest Rocked My World

A few days ago, Grace ran in the house, two steps ahead of Joe, both of them breathless. Come see! Come see! “Come see what, guys?” I asked, slightly irked that they were taking me away from the important task at hand. There’s a big mess in my house! “There’s a big mess in your house? How did your house get a big mess in it?” A bird put it there! “Why did a bird put a big mess in your house?” It was making a nest! In my house! “It made a nest in your house? Can I see … Read more

Is That The Story You Want To Tell?

As many of you know, my Weight Release journey began this week. Really, it began a couple of weeks ago when I decided to work with Freeman Michaels and began reading his book. It’s been difficult. I learned this week that I’m afraid of much more than spiders. It’s also been rewarding. I’m learning to forgive myself in a way I had reserved only for others. Freeman has been so delighted with Feels Like Home readers’ response to his Weight Release webinar series that he’s decided to open up 8 more spots – a total of 20 in all. If … Read more