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Our Traditional Thanksgiving Menu – on Bed Rest

I’ve talked a lot about Thanksgiving in the last three years. I love Thanksgiving. I love pie and turkey and mashed potatoes and having my whole family together in our home. I don’t love the mad cleaning we do in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, but I do love the clean house that survives a few weeks afterward. When my doctor first mentioned staying in bed for the duration of my pregnancy, I thought that sounded like a wonderful plan. Seriously. How often does an adult woman get told to lie around and rest? At first, it was okay. … Read more

Thinking About Thanksgiving

This past weekend was the first in at least a month when both Joe and I were home together and there was nothing pressing on the calendar. He spent time cleaning our basement/family room. I had a few posts to write, and I wanted to start working on cleaning our bedroom to make room for the bassinet. We both wanted to spend time playing with Grace and lavishing her with attention. She’s been struggling the last couple of weeks. Joe has been working six days a week, between eleven and thirteen hours a day. She’s being teased by some of … Read more

The Nittany Lion Shrine

Both Joe and I are Penn State graduates, and we try to stop by the Nittany Lion Shrine whenever we’re near State College.
We started slowly, posing an infant Grace on a mini Nittany Lion Shrine on our back porch.
We didn’t attempt the real Nittany Lion until Grace was 2. It didn’t go as well as we’d hoped.

A Day at the Philadelphia Zoo

Rain forest carousel at the Philadelphia zoo

Grace and I were invited to Blogger Day at the Philadelphia Zoo this week. Wow. Just wow. Before we left, Grace and I checked out the Philadelphia Zoo’s website. We looked at pictures of many of the animals, and Grace decided that she was most interested in seeing the hippopotamus, the rhinoceros, and the parrot. I was excited about seeing the gorillas, orangutan, and otters. Being 18 weeks pregnant, traveling alone with Grace, and knowing the temperature was to creep up into the 90’s with very high humidity, I made a mental plan ahead of time. I knew we wouldn’t … Read more