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18 Handmade Christmas Gifts You Can Make Now

Easy DIY handmade Christmas gifts for friends or family - These unique and beautiful ideas are mostly for women (Grandma, Mom, or sisters would love them!) could be sold or given as homemade gifts. Lots of cute, simple, and useful craft tutorials.

When Christmas rolls around this year, I’m going to be 39 weeks pregnant. Or else I’ll already have a newborn. In either case, I won’t be doing much crafting. I probably won’t be doing much at all at that point (aside from complaining and writing on my blog). So I’ve already started making Christmas gifts for this year. You don’t need to be hugely pregnant to start your homemade Christmas gifts now. If you’re hoping to save some money or give more personal gifts, make them. Here are some ideas I’ve found. They’re all relatively inexpensive, and you have plenty … Read more

Grace’s Homemade Tutu

Remember Grace’s homemade tutu? I made it last year after our car accident when I was stuck lying on my back recovering. She was afraid of it at first. She wore it a time or two, and then we buried it in her toy box and forgot about it. It was a little tangled, but no worse for wear. She was ecstatic to put it on after its long absence, twirling and dancing all over the house. She wore her tutu all day. And then all the next day. And the day after. This face says it all. Making a … Read more

Top Ten Crafty Father’s Day Gifts

I received an email this morning from my friend, Robyn, explaining that she’d come to my blog looking for a crafty project that she could make with her two young sons and give to her husband for Father’s Day. She didn’t find anything. Because I haven’t written anything. Gift posts are tricky for me because the recipients invariably frequent my blog. Including Joe. So, instead of doing an illustrated tutorial to show you how I made Joe’s gift, I collected ten crafty, handmade gifts that you can make with your kids in the five days between now and Sunday. Yes, … Read more