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The Best Fidget Toys – A Simple and Easy Solution for Kids with Anxiety or ADHD

The best fidget toys for kids or teens with ADHD or anxiety - These calming toys are good for children and adults at home or in the classroom at school. Most are quiet, silent even, so they can be used in preschool or any situation. Great way to calm down.

My Gracie loves fidget toys and always has. She plays with them constantly, while reading, while watching tv, anytime she’s sitting still including in the car. All. the. time. As I have written many times before, she suffers from an anxiety disorder. She has anxiety about all sorts of different situations, and she sees both a psychiatrist and a therapist to help her to manage. Before the last month, we never had a reason for her fidgeting. In fact, her psychiatrist said it was ADHD (but I have always disagreed). The therapist, who we started seeing only recently, suggested something … Read more

The Ultimate List of Activities for Kids to Do on an Airplane

This is THE ULTIMATE list of activities for kids and teens (and even adults!) to do on an airplane during long flights! Airplane travel can be a little stressful, especially with children, but these activities and ideas will keep them busy and entertained for hours!

We are going on a Disney cruise in September (two years in the planning!), and we are flying to Orlando to catch the ship in Port Canaveral. This will be Grace, Allie, and Joe’s first time on an airplane, and they are all quite nervous. The flight is just under 3 hours long, and I have been preparing all kinds of activities to do on the flight. Before we get going on my airplane tips, take a look at my post on 10 tips for surviving family road trips. That one has some good ideas for being in a confined … Read more


Mess has a way of following us where ever we go. I think it’s because we have kids. This was our room at the Great Wolf Lodge just after Grace emerged from the bath. She was looking for her blue pants. They’re somewhere near the bottom of the pile.