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The Best 45+ Tween, Teen & Adult Games for Family Game Night

45+ best tween, teen, & adult games for family game night, even games for the kids! Tips and ideas for the 45+ best simple and easy family game night board, dice, and card games for children and adults to play together. These games make great gifts to buy and are the perfect addition to any home's game basket. Great to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, or any holiday. Games for older kids, tweens, teens, and adults to play together.

I love games. I’m very good at games, too, which makes it less fun to play with me, but my dear husband is a very good sport and doesn’t mind that he usually loses at some things. Games are a great way to enjoy quality time together as a family. They reduce the pressure on deep conversation and give everyone something to focus on while still providing the time together that builds deep bonds. My kids used to talk to me all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. But as they’ve gotten older, their chatter has slowed and almost stopped. They … Read more

The Best Fidget Toys – A Simple and Easy Solution for Kids with Anxiety or ADHD

The best fidget toys for kids or teens with ADHD or anxiety - These calming toys are good for children and adults at home or in the classroom at school. Most are quiet, silent even, so they can be used in preschool or any situation. Great way to calm down.

My Gracie loves fidget toys and always has. She plays with them constantly, while reading, while watching tv, anytime she’s sitting still including in the car. All. the. time. As I have written many times before, she suffers from an anxiety disorder. She has anxiety about all sorts of different situations, and she sees both a psychiatrist and a therapist to help her to manage. Before the last month, we never had a reason for her fidgeting. In fact, her psychiatrist said it was ADHD (but I have always disagreed). The therapist, who we started seeing only recently, suggested something … Read more

30+ Best Games for Family Game Night (When You Have a Non-Reader)

Tips and ideas for the 30+ best simple and easy family game night board, dice, and card games for kids and adults to play together, especially when you have a non-reader. These games make great gifts to buy and are the perfect addition to any home's game basket. Great to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, or any holiday. Games for all ages to play together.

I have written many times over about all the games my family loves. We are game players through and through. We have family game nights often, and we play games during “school time” in the days. (Some people call that gameschooling, a name that I love.) Recently, I posted 20+ Best Adult Games for Date Night with the caveat that we don’t do the adult versions of games because they tend to be raunchy and borderline vulgar. That’s just not our style. We prefer to spend our money on games the whole family can enjoy. That post has been crazy popular, … Read more

The Ultimate List of Activities for Kids to Do on an Airplane

This is THE ULTIMATE list of activities for kids and teens (and even adults!) to do on an airplane during long flights! Airplane travel can be a little stressful, especially with children, but these activities and ideas will keep them busy and entertained for hours!

We are going on a Disney cruise in September (two years in the planning!), and we are flying to Orlando to catch the ship in Port Canaveral. This will be Grace, Allie, and Joe’s first time on an airplane, and they are all quite nervous. The flight is just under 3 hours long, and I have been preparing all kinds of activities to do on the flight. Before we get going on my airplane tips, take a look at my post on 10 tips for surviving family road trips. That one has some good ideas for being in a confined … Read more

Snakes and Ladders – A Free Printable Learning Game for Kids

Free printable learning games for kids - This fun Snakes and Ladders game can be used a variety of ways for teaching reading skills, numbers, counting, and more. Best for preschool and elementary, but fun for adults and older kids, too!

I didn’t know what to call this post because it’s partly about how I feel like I’m failing as a homeschool parent, and partly about how I made up a super fun printable Snakes and Ladders game for Allie and me to play to practice her numbers, counting, and reading skills. Working full-time and homeschooling are two things that do not appear to mix on the surface, and actually do not mix well in practice either. I am tired when I get home from work, and the kids are tired when I get home from work. No one wants to … Read more

The Chalk Debacle

When it’s warm but not too warm, Grace and I (and Allie, if she’s awake) spend lots of time outside. One day last week, we played outside all morning, until it was time to leave for the pool. I put my garden tools away, asked Grace to put her sidewalk chalk and toys away, and gathered everything that we needed to take to the pool. As I pulled my car out of the garage, I heard a loud pop. “Grace? Did you put your sidewalk chalk away?” I asked. I don’t think so, no, she said quietly. She almost never … Read more