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Fall Leaves Collage for Scissor Practice & Preschool Books about Trees

Fall Leaves Collage - More Scissor Practice

Allie loves to cut with scissors. She cuts up everything she can find, but she especially likes to cut craft foam because cutting it is smooth and easy, like a knife through butter. My last scissor practice post was sort of free form. I helped Allie to cut straight lines and shapes, and she turned them into a fish. This time, I gave her a little more structure in the finished project but a lot less structure in the cutting. Here’s what we did. Fall Leaves Collage Materials Kid scissors (obviously) Craft foam in four colors Dark-colored marker Glue Fall … Read more

Scissor Practice for 2-year-olds

Scissor Practice for 2-year-olds

Do all 2-year-olds have an obsession with scissors? Allie sure does, and I remember Grace having one at 2, too. Every time Allie walks through the dining room (where her special yellow scissors are), she says, I cut paper? I want to cut with scissors. She once cut some contracts in half, but fortunately, keeping the scissors out of her reach has prevented much collateral damage. She has been erratically cutting paper for a few weeks, so I wanted to see how well she could use the scissors. Materials I forgot half of the materials in my photo. Sorry. Kid scissors … Read more