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51 Awesome Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

51 awesome Christian Christmas gifts for kids - Wondering what to get your kids for the holidays? This post is full of tips and ideas for buying Xmas gifts that bring children back to Jesus without lame presents.

Christmas is my favorite, but it is really easy to shift the focus of Christmas away from Jesus and towards Santa and material things. The Jesse Tree and The Truth in the Tinsel help a lot, but still my kids talk all through the months of October, November, and December about the presents they want and the presents they think they will get. We do Santa. We like Santa, and we like all the magic and warm fuzzy feelings that he brings our kids. But still, I want to point Christmas morning back to Jesus. To that end, some of … Read more

10 Fun Family Activities for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to have fun as a family. It’s not too hot or too cold, so we can go outside pretty much every day. It gives kids a chance to watch, listen, smell, touch, and taste new all kinds of new things. It gives them a chance to give their senses a workout every time they’re outside. Today, I swept all the dead leaves off of our back porch. There were a lot of leaves and a lot of obstacles; it took most of an hour. The girls turned my bucket of rainwater into a mound of … Read more

6 Ways to Keep Bible Study in Your Lazy Summer

Ah, summer. I think it is the best time of the year, and I know a lot of you agree with me. The days are long and carefree, and the commitments are (hopefully) few. We come and go as we please, and we enjoy entire days spent at the pool or waterpark. Could it just be here already, please?! There is just one problem in the middle of these long, languid days. Where do you fit in intentional Bible study with your kids when you have no real schedule to follow? You don’t have to maintain a strict schedule all … Read more

8 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Pray

Do your kids ever see and hear you praying? Mind don’t. I do most of my praying when they’re not around or silently in my heart {Lord, give me strength!}. Outside of their bedtime prayers together, my kids probably don’t even know that I pray at all. How then are they supposed to learn to have conversations with God? He gave us prayer as a means of making Himself personal and accessible to us. Prayer brings us into close conversation with the maker of heaven and earth, and failing to teach our children to pray prevents them from enjoying that … Read more

9 Ways to Celebrate Easter as a Family

Holidays are a big deal at my house. We do all of ’em in a big way. Easter is no exception. We have Easter egg hunts and make Easter crafts and color Easter pictures, and we read Easter books. And then, on Easter morning, the kids hunt for big Easter baskets full of treats. We also talk about Jesus. Well, we talk about Jesus every day, but especially during the Easter season. He’s kind of a big deal, you know? So here are a few of the ways that we celebrate Easter together as a family: Tell the Easter story … Read more

16 Simple Lent Activities for All Christian Kids

  I have often written through the years about Advent. It is the season of waiting immediately before Christmas, a joyful and expectant time when Christians prepare for the birth of Christ. Lent is a similar time of waiting immediately before Easter, but it is a solemn and expectant time as we remember the sacrifice Jesus made in giving his life for all humanity. Lent is observed as the six weeks before Good Friday. It is preceded by Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, the day on which observes eat the last of their fatty, rich foods so that they don’t go … Read more