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Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Rest of the Room

This week, I explained how to thoroughly clean your toilet and sink. But there’s more to a bathroom than the toilet and the sink. Unless it’s a half bath, but even so, you’ve got a floor and a trash can and more. So how do you spring clean the rest? Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom Clean your toilet. Clean your sink. Don’t forget the vanity and area under the sink. Wipe it off inside and out, remove anything that belongs somewhere else, and replace the items that belong inside. Remove everything from your medicine cabinet, if you have one. Purge the … Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Toilet

Last month, I did a review as part of The Home Depot’s Renew Your Bathroom promotion. That promotion has ended, but our bathroom refresher has just begun. This is our fancy, new dual flush toilet. Except, inside, it’s not quite sparkling and new any more. I blame the cats. Cats can learn to use the toilet, you know. It’s too bad mine never did; that would be a perfect excuse. How to Clean A Toilet In my homemade cleaning products post, I explained that you can use full strength white vinegar to clean your toilet. That will take out soap … Read more

Renew Your Bathroom with The Home Depot (featuring $100 giveaway)

Can you imagine hanging your head in this every day for seven months? Fortunately, my second pregnancy didn’t make me as sick as my first. I really did throw up in that hideous toilet most days when I was pregnant with Gracie. With Allie, I threw up only a handful of times. Nonetheless, I often threw up in that ancient, ugly, dirty-looking, toilet. Sometimes, lifting the lid alone made me gag. It’s not because the toilet is actually dirty. Okay, it is dirty in this photo, but I’m not talking about the grime around the water line. I’m talking about … Read more