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Finding Camaraderie in Motherhood When Your Friends Aren’t Around

At the bottom of this post is a Rafflecopter widget where you can enter to win $250. Read on. I have a friend who says I’m not supposed to text her between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm. She’s busy making and serving dinner, helping with homework, cleaning up dinner, and putting her kids to bed during that time. I work online during those times, so the thought of her needing that time to accomplish offline (and away from the phone) stuff baffled me for a minute. Who am I supposed to text when Allie hugs my neck … Read more

Toddler Button Craft

Toddler Button Art

Need to entertain your toddler for an hour? Give her a bottle of glue and a box of buttons. Okay, it might not have been an hour, but this was definitely the longest-lasting activity Allie has ever done. It all started because Grace was working on her rainbow button craft, and Allie was not content to be left out. I spread some glue on a piece of paper and gave her a handful of buttons. There is something amazing about a pile of buttons, whether you’re 2 or 35. They’re all different sizes and shapes, colors and finishes, weights and … Read more

Easter Eggs Sensory Bin

Frugal Easter Egg Sensory Bin

The last time I put together a sensory bin for my girls was a disaster. Well, it was a disaster for Allie. Grace loved it. Like always, I failed to pack it up and put it away, so it’s still sitting in a dishpan in my dining room. I’m just on the ball like that. Anyway. I learned a little something from that St. Patrick’s Day experience and No Time for Flashcards. I put a few cups of fruity o’s (or whatever the generic Fruit Loops are called) in a bowl with a SOLO cup, a tiny scoop, and two … Read more

40+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

40+ gift suggestions for toddlers

My kids have pretty much everything: trains, Barbies, blocks, puzzles, doll houses, dinosaurs, Little People (and then more Little People) (and more Little People after that), movies, Pillow Pets… I could go on and on and on. I had a real spending problem back when we were a two income family. Who am I kidding? I still have a spending problem; I just have less money now. (That’s a blessing. Seriously.) When Grace was an only child, I bought her everything I thought she could ever want and a lot of things that she didn’t want. It was insane. All … Read more

Don’t Miss the Magic, Momma

Two mothers stopped me in separate incidents today to tell me how much they miss the stage of toddlerhood that Allie’s in right now. “Oh, she’s so adorable!” one gushed. “I miss that!” The other, tickling Allie’s ample tummy, cooed at her, “I loved when my kids were this size. They’re magical!” Allie greeted her tickles with rowdy giggles. I responded with a frazzled sigh. It’s easier to love this stage when you’re not in the midst of it. This stage is exhausting. I chase people all day long. I change diapers and pick up messes and entertain. I fall … Read more

101 Picture Books To Read Before You Grow Up

101 Best Picture Books to Read or Hear Before You Grow Up - This is an amazing list of the best children's books of all time! There are fun books, happy books, sad books, and all the other emotions for kids. Lots for boys and for girls. These ideas will keep kids reading and learning for years.

    We read a lot, a half hour or more pretty much every day. Our living room, family room, and bedrooms are all lined with shelves brimming with books. It boarders on hoarding. We’re book people. I have read just about every imaginable book to Grace – board books, picture books, biographies, chapter books, encyclopedias. There is nothing that Grace won’t sit and listen to. (Allie isn’t yet appreciating the art of cuddling and reading a book.) If you’re looking for something to read to your kids (or to have an older kid read to a younger one), choose … Read more