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Allie is a Big Girl Now

I have two children, the kindergartener and the baby. The kindergartener does everything a kindergartener should do. She reads. She writes. She adds and subtracts. She writes piano concertos and musicals in Portuguese. Okay, not really, but you get the picture.  She doesn’t always wipe her own butt, nor sleep in her own bed, but we are working on those. The baby, too, does what is expected of a baby. She babbles. She claps. She plays games on the iPad and makes calls on my iPhone to inappropriate people at inappropriate times of the day and night. She throws giant … Read more

How to Paint with a Toddler (or, Allie’s First Painting Experience)

how to paint with a toddler

This past weekend, Grace and I worked on a painting project. While we painted with pink and blue and purple and green, Allie toddled around the kitchen table, asking to be held. Not too much time passed before I realized that Allie wanted to play with the paint.   How to Paint with a Toddler Materials required: Toddler High chair or booster seat Non-toxic paint – Get the safest, most organic, most natural paint you can, just in case said toddler puts paint in her mouth – I tried this once with baby food, but it didn’t work very well. … Read more

The 10 Best iPhone Apps for Preschoolers

Grace uses my iPhone nearly as much as I do. I have said many times, I don’t remember how we parented before I had an iPhone. That little electronic device has saved my sanity at many doctor’s offices, during many overtired moments, and many sleepless afternoons. Lately, I’ve been letting it teach her reading skills. The best part? She doesn’t feel like she’s doing school, but she’s still learning. Grace is soon to turn 4, and these are currently her favorite iPhone apps. Please note – I am not working with any PR or company reps. These are all apps … Read more

How Did I Parent Before I Had an iPhone?

When you’re 3, and you have the chance to spend an afternoon with your best friends, taking a nap ranks somewhere between giving away your dessert and getting out of the swimming pool before you’re ready. In other words, you pretty much refuse to do it. Knowing that she would become completely miserable if she didn’t have some quiet time to rest, I grabbed my iPhone. Grace was happy to sit in a chair on our friend’s patio and watch an episode of the Mickey Mouse Club. I hoped that she’d fall asleep, but that was unrealistic. She did, however, … Read more

Gracie in the House!

You know how sports teams sometimes run onto the field through a huge paper banner? If you were two, wouldn’t you think that was the funnest thing ever? Come on. You would too. Every week, we receive two little newspapers in the mail. They’re free, and they’re full of community events and classified ads. We can’t opt out of them. Everyone in the township gets them. We’ve got a new tradition going. When the little newspapers arrive, I cut three thin slices from the spine of the paper. Joe holds them up, and Grace runs through them. It goes by … Read more

I’m Big. I’m Bad.

Because she’s been afraid so much lately, I have been screening Grace’s television programs even more carefully than usual. I don’t want to create any extra fodder for the nightmares. There are only a handful of shows that she watches on a semi-regular basis: Wonder Pets, Sesame Street, Barney, and The Wiggles, and a few others that I’ll put on if an episode shows up in the Tivo queue: Curious George, Blue’s Clues, Max & Ruby. Favorites come and go. First, she adored Barney. Later, she chose Sesame Street over the others. These days, she’s partial to the Wonder Pets. … Read more