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What to Pack in Your Pool Bag – Free Printable Checklist

What to pack in your pool bag - A day at the swimming pool is fun and relaxing, but only if you know how to pack for it! This free printable checklist will get you there prepared for whatever happens.

A Pool Bag? What about Hersheypark? If you’ve been around Feels Like Home a while, you know that we have had season passes to Hersheypark for many years. We have long enjoyed the rides and the pools. Unfortunately, over the last year or so, we started to walk around sort of aimlessly. We still loved the waterpark, but we only rode a handful of rides, and the kids were kind of over the whole thing. Two years ago, we talked about not renewing our passes but did. This past year, we decided not to. Since we had some extra money … Read more

You Are Vexing Me.

Grace splashing

This afternoon, I was playing with the kids in our luxurious 6-inch deep swimming pool with the yard sale Little Tykes slide perched over the side. We’re living the big life, seriously. I kid. That pool and our air conditioning get us through all the days in between our Hersheypark visits. The temperature reached 94 degrees in Harrisburg yesterday, and we were outside from 2 until 4 pm (that’s the hottest part of the day for you non-earth science majors) because I’m not that smart. The water was as warm as bath water and not at all refreshing, so I … Read more

Farewell Summer

Summer is never long enough for me. There are never enough days in the sun. Never enough time spent pretending. Never enough giggles, enough games, enough picnics. It’s kinda like childhood. It goes by too quickly. Before I knew it, Grace was wearing goggles and an inner tube instead of her inflatable floaties or a life jacket. {sigh} There just aren’t enough moments. Farewell, summer. We’ll miss you. Happily submitted to 5 minutes for Mom, Wordful Wednesday, and Red Lotus Mama

My Top Ten Summer Disappointments

My top 10 hilarious summer disappointments - These funny inspirations for summer activities. Funny stories about warm weather. Great sarcastic quotes and humor. These are truths for everyone.

Summer rocks. There’s no doubt about it. I wanted to write a Top Ten Tuesday post about the things I love about summer, but I’m pretty sure that it would be boring and predictable – popsicles, picnics, swimming, family vacations, blah, blah, blah. Instead, I decided to write about the disappointments of my summer. I’m usually all sunshine and warmth, so I thought this might be a welcome departure from my normal chirping birds and rainbows. I’m a sunscreen delinquent. Today, I remembered to reapply my sunscreen. Once. I still got pink, but not nearly as burned as if I’d … Read more

Let’s Go Swimming!

Grace loves to swim. Since she was teeny tiny, Grace has enjoyed swimming. She was apprehensive this year when summer started, but now, she grabs her swimmies as soon as we are in sight of a pool. Once we’re in the water, she wants to swim by herself, to motor around just out of arms’ reach of Joe and me. Today, however, she crossed the line from enthusiastic to overzealous. It was 68 degrees when we arrived at our friend, Joanne’s house. 68 degrees at 4 in the afternoon in August. That’s downright cold when you’re wearing only a bathing … Read more

I Love Boating

I think Grace watches too much television. There, I said it. I think she watches way too much tv. I’m sure I’m not alone. Do your kids watch too much tv? This week’s MckLinky asks participants to share three things that readers probably don’t know about us, so I’m going to share three things that relate to how I pry Grace from the tv. I love boating… My uncle has a pontoon boat, and I love it. I have so many memories of cruising down the Clarion River and jumping off the boat for a swim. I recently took Grace … Read more