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Exploding Ivory Soap – An Easy Kids Science Experiment

You know how something can be super fun and exciting until someone tells you that you have to do it? And then it loses all its luster and seems like something that is boring and hateful? That’s what happened to Super Science Summer. My kids love science, and they begged me to let them do experiments all the time. And then I decided to do a super cool 11-week series of summer science on my blog, and they balked. By week three, they were all like, “Do we have to do science again?” and “I would rather just watch tv, … Read more

How to Make a Pitfall Bug Trap – Easy Kids Science Project

Today, we are answering the question, What insects live in my yard? This particular project posed a few problems where my own children were concerned: They were away for the weekend, camping with my sister. They hate bugs. They hate anything that might be related to bugs. Did I mention that they are not at all interested in small things that have 6 and 8 legs? No, not at all. So I knew I wanted to do a project dealing with creepy crawly things, because some kids are interested in those, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Joe and … Read more

Egg Drop – Easy Kids Science Experiment

The egg drop experiment seeks to answer the question how can I keep an egg from breaking? This is an old experiment done by many kids over many years, and it never seems to lose its fun factor. As soon as they learned one of our Super Science Summer experiments was an egg drop, my kids grabbed the materials and went to town. It was the very first experiment of the whole summer and I have to admit, they didn’t do very well at it. I think the key to a good egg drop is understanding the concepts ahead of … Read more

What Makes Up Black Ink? – Paper Chromatography Experiment for Kids

When I was a science teacher, chromatography was one of my favorite activities. The kids would color on filter paper, dip it in water, and watch what happened. It never ceased to amaze them, no matter what age they were. We all learn in art class that green is made up of blue and yellow and that red is a primary color, made up only of red. We learn that all the colors mixed together make something between brown and black. But when you dissect marker colors, sometimes you find something very different. Paper Chromatography Materials   Coffee filters – The premium … Read more

How Can a Monster Look Bigger Than It Really Is? – Optical Illusion for Kids

Grace says this project is more art and less science, but there is good science behind it, and it is fun. So that’s that, and I included it. The idea is that you create a three-dimensional city on a flat piece of paper, and then you can place a cut out monster in your city in various places to see him appear to shrink and grow depending. My kids had fun with it. The biggest part of this project involves drawing your city scape. This has to be done precisely so that all the lines converge at the vanishing point, … Read more

What Shape is Strongest? – Kids Science Experiment

Sometimes, science experiments can look a whole lot like playing, and there is nothing at all wrong with that. This science experiment is exactly that, a lot of playing with a science explanation. There is quite a bit of prep work for this one, but it is easy, and you can get the kids involved. The question behind this experiment is which shape is the strongest? So kids can get really creative and arrange their shapes in any number of ways, and the goal is to support the heaviest possible object. Grace tried exactly one arrangement, and it supported a 2-pound … Read more