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18 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Traditions to Start with Your Kids

St. Patrick's Day Traditions for Kids and Families - These 18+ simple and easy ideas will help you have a fun St Patricks Day with any kids, from toddlers and preschoolers up to elementary, tweens, even teens! Includes ideas for activities, crafts, and green foods.

My kids have always loved St. Patrick’s Day. It all started 9 years ago when my mom stole into our house in secret to make messes and leave little green treats while we were at story hour at the library. She did that every year for quite a while, often culminating in a green donut and Shamrock shake. The year she was dying from pancreatic cancer, she fell in the garage trying to make it happen. It was that important to her.  Even though my mom is gone (and has been for almost five years), we still carry on the … Read more

37 Best St. Patrick’s Day Books to Read to Your Kids

Best books about St. Patrick's Day to read to your kids - Books for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. St. Patty's Day is fun and exciting when you learn about leprechauns and their pots of gold, green clovers and shamrocks, rainbows, and Ireland. Lots of fun books for children!

You already know I love book lists. Reference 101 Best Picture Books and 101 Best Chapter Books and 101 Best Christmas Books and 28 Best Moon Books  and 10 Best Princess Books and 10 Best Books on Grief and 10 Best Books on the Death of a Pet. I could go on, but I’ll be done for now. I also like St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know what it is about the holiday, but I find it fun and whimsical and interesting even though I’m not the least bit Irish. Well, maybe a little bit on my mother’s side, but it’s … Read more

17 St. Patrick’s Day Minute to Win It Games for Kids and Families

17 awesome St. Patrick's Day minute to win it games for kids and families - These simple, fun games can be used at home or in a classroom party and will inspire lots of laughs! Some easy ideas are for couples, teams, and some alone. The challenges use food, candy, and Dollar Store materials. Great family activities.

As a family, we played Minute to Win It for Valentine’s Day, and it was the best fun we’ve had in a long, long time. I wanted to capture that sense of fun and laughter for the next minor holiday – St. Patrick’s Day. 17 St. Patrick’s Day Minute to Win It Games for Kids and Families Lucky Charms stack – Use chopsticks to stack marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms. Whoever has the highest stack after one minute is the winner. Fruit Loops sort – Each person gets 2 cups (measured) of Fruit Loops cereal to sort by … Read more

Rainbow Paper Chain Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Kids

There was a time when I did crafts with my kids nonstop, every single day. We painted and cut and pasted and I loved every minute of mess and goop and fun. Since they have discovered Minecraft and DIY (an iOS app) and Animal Jam, the crafts have largely fallen by the wayside. They prefer to spend their time on screens which pains me greatly. We have rules and limits around screens, but they are unwilling to spend their unstructured playing time with me doing crafts these days. They would rather play with Lego or Barbie or some other toys … Read more

Preserving Lucky’s Magic

For the last 3 years, my mom has played Lucky the Leprechaun for Grace. Every time we left the house during the week of St. Patrick’s Day, she would come over, make mischief (making little messes and dying things green), and leave little presents (a donut, a Shamrock shake, green beads, gold coins, candy). My mom couldn’t come over this year. She’s too sick. Grace realized that Santa was Mom and Dad this year. Then she caught on to the Easter Bunny. When she asked, I admitted that Grandma was Lucky and Daddy is the Tooth Fairy. She knows that … Read more

10 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

St. Patrick's Day Activities for Preschoolers

Holidays are more fun when you have children. If you don’t have any, you probably think I’m full of beans, but it’s true. Holidays are more fun when you have children. St. Patrick’s Day never meant much to me. Now, it’s a fabulous holiday and a great excuse to break out the food coloring. 10 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Preschoolers Dress in all green. Arrange with a friend to have Lucky the Leprechaun visit your home while you’re out. My mom is our Lucky. He is going to come in, make a mess, and leave little goodies for Grace … Read more