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Our First Asparagus Spears of the Season

No matter what the calendar says, it’s not spring for me until the asparagus spears start to peak purple heads above the ground. Since spring officially began, we’ve been scouring our asparagus patch almost every day, hoping to spy a tip breaking through the winter hardened earth. Finally. Spring. The first two spears emerged last Thursday. After an unusually warm Friday, eight more spears appeared among new weeds and old leaves. The theme of the season plays out in my garden. New life rises from dead, dried out stalks. Spring is here. Happily submitted to Wordful Wednesday,  Go Graham Go, … Read more

Garlic Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese

When I met my husband, he was convinced that asparagus was the most disgusting, slimy, revolting vegetable on the planet. “You’ve never had my asparagus,” I told him. He’d only eaten asparagus out of a can, soggy and salty and mush. That is no way to eat any vegetable, but especially fragile asparagus spears. The best way to eat it is freshly cut from the garden, drizzled with olive oil, and roasted. You can find the details of that roasting method in my egg and asparagus salad post. This recipe takes my favorite method and makes it even more appealing … Read more