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Five Years Ago

I’ve been wanting to play along with Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday since I learned about it. Since I’m sitting in a comfy hospital chair, cuddling a snoozing baby (who is being discharged today), I certainly have five minutes to spare. Five Years Ago – February 2006 Five years ago, I had recently recovered from emergency gall bladder surgery. I had needed help from my friends, but none were there for me. A lot of those relationships were coming to an end, damaged beyond repair. I was sad. I felt betrayed. Five years ago, my mom had a total knee replacement … Read more

How To Spend the Day with Small Kids in Washington DC

We spent the whole day today in Washington, DC with our friends from Washington.

All five of us had an amazing day. There’s definitely an art to creating a fun day for a two-year-old, a three-year-old, and three nerdy adults in a place as enriching as Washington, DC.

The only sour part of our day was driving home. Grace and I were sad that we won’t be seeing Allie and her son, the Philosopher, again tomorrow.

Such is life.