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Momma Means Business

parenting tips from a mom blog

I enjoyed my Simplify Family Life series so much, I’m going to keep adding to it. I hope you don’t mind. This post is about how following through with natural consequences makes parenting simpler. When my kids believe that I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do, parenting is so much easier. I’ll come back to this point later. The girls and I went to Old Grandma’s house last week. While we were there, I noticed that Grace had picked up a new habit. She was chewing on her hair. Hair that has been chewed gets crunchy, … Read more

Simplify Your Life – Stop Worrying

stop worrying

In celebration of the awesome Simplify Family Life sale, all of this week’s posts will focus on simplifying family life. For three and a half months, I have been worrying about our taxes. I made four times more money last year than ever before in my business, and I was sure I’d owe a pile of it back to the IRS. I had saved some, but not enough. I wouldn’t say I gave myself heartburn or anything, but I carried the weight of the impending tax bill that I knew I couldn’t pay each and every day. It was never … Read more

Simplify Your Family Life HUGE eBook Sale

simplify family life

In celebration of the sale below, all of this week’s posts will focus on simplifying family life. Last year, I purchased a $450 set of eBooks from some of my favorite bloggers for only $47. Included were gems like Real Food on a Real Budget, Inside-Out Simplicity, Tell Your Time, Finding Educational Activities in Unexpected Places, Smalltopia, and others. It’s taken me a whole year to read them all, but I have. I’m so glad I bought the whole thing; they helped me to make some very big changes in my life, especially as we began to purge our overstuffed … Read more

Simplify Your Family By Focusing On Your Kids

In celebration of Simplify Family Life sale, all of this week’s posts will focus on simplifying family life. I am busy. Too busy. Every day, I try to squeeze 28 hours worth of stuff into 24 hours. I cheat myself. I skip workouts because I have too much to do. I stay up too late because I want to get one last thing done before I close up shop for the night. I cheat my cats. I used to sit with them while they ate and stroke their fur and rub behind their ears. I don’t do that any more. … Read more