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What Shape is Strongest? – Kids Science Experiment

Sometimes, science experiments can look a whole lot like playing, and there is nothing at all wrong with that. This science experiment is exactly that, a lot of playing with a science explanation. There is quite a bit of prep work for this one, but it is easy, and you can get the kids involved. The question behind this experiment is which shape is the strongest? So kids can get really creative and arrange their shapes in any number of ways, and the goal is to support the heaviest possible object. Grace tried exactly one arrangement, and it supported a 2-pound … Read more

Triangle Craft

Grace is only 2, but scissors have caught her attention. She likes to cut. She especially likes to cut with her special scissors (that really aren’t special at all except that I overpaid for them at the office supply store). Joe and Grace were home alone one day this week, and Joe gave Grace a few pieces of craft foam and her special scissors. He let her do what she wanted, and she wanted to make a person. Who turned out to be me. I know it’s me because Grace told me so when I got home. That you, Momma. … Read more