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10 Ways to Prioritize Yourself and Ditch Mom Guilt

10 Ways to Prioritize Yourself and Ditch the Mom Guilt - Tips and ideas for self care for moms of children who are young or old.

I spent years and years of my life, ignoring my needs, gaining weight, feeling terribly physically and emotionally, and not understanding where I was going so wrong. Perhaps you’re in a similar place. You don’t feel very well, but you’re not sick. You’re not happy but there’s nothing really wrong either. You’re always tired. You feel overwhelmed and always behind. Any of that sound familiar, or maybe all of it? You can get out from under that stuff, I promise you. I did, and I am going to tell you how I did it. The road to good health is … Read more

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself (Free printable affirmations for women)

i am good

Yesterday, my friend, Cindy, left a comment on my blog. Though we disagreed in the particulars, her comment made me see that I was making the situation into more than it should have been. I was making it about me, and it was not about me at all. Immediately, I jumped into self-bashing mode. Why do I always do that?, I berated. Lousy feelings abounded. They weren’t insults necessarily, but the feelings that insults produce your heart. They are the feelings that follow years of bullying, being voted most annoying by classmates, of insecurity, of not being enough. You know the … Read more

The Charge by Brendon Burchard #ChargedLife

I am a self help junkie. I’d like to stay it started when I was in mental health treatment last year, but it didn’t. My self help book obsession goes back twenty years, to my days of getting tattered magazines from the library in Windham, Ohio. I used to pore over the quizzes, gasping at the results. Was I too nice? Too loud? Too smart? I would read all of the options and consider carefully before recording my answers on a piece of notebook paper and then tabulating the results. Those were the days! I have given up on personality quizzes … Read more

My Knock-the-Ball-Out-of-the-Park Life

I have been spending time in self help blogs and cds and websites and books lately. It’s partly the result of my recent diagnosis, but more than that, it’s the result of a lifelong obsession focus on self improvement. It’s also the subject of my new blog, to be revealed soon. I have been reading The Brilliant Woman Workbook, a free download from Tara Sophia Mohr. In it, she asks the question: What does a knock-the-ball-out-of-the-park life look like for you? And that got me to thinking. Joe says I overthink. I choose to ponder and reflect on my time, … Read more