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How to Grow a Venus Flytrap and Fly Trap Experiments – Science in the Garden

how to grow a venus fly trap - The flytrap plant is an elusive plant that can be hard to care for. Find its history and instructions for caring successfully here along with science experiments and projects to discover how it grows and works. Awesome ideas and tips.

When I was a little girl, my mom had a Venus flytrap. We would tease it by touching its fly-eating pads with a pencil and then watch them snap shut. It was exciting to my wee eyes to see such a deliberate action by something as normally inert as a plant.  Thinking her plant needed her assistance, my mom would carefully pluck the wings off houseflies and feed them to it. When there were no flies to be had, she fed it raw hamburger, cut up in the tiniest pieces. She carefully tended it in this way for years. I … Read more

Exploding Ivory Soap – An Easy Kids Science Experiment

You know how something can be super fun and exciting until someone tells you that you have to do it? And then it loses all its luster and seems like something that is boring and hateful? That’s what happened to Super Science Summer. My kids love science, and they begged me to let them do experiments all the time. And then I decided to do a super cool 11-week series of summer science on my blog, and they balked. By week three, they were all like, “Do we have to do science again?” and “I would rather just watch tv, … Read more

What Do Sugary Drinks Do to Your Teeth? – Kids Science Experiment

My kids are pop fiends. (I know some of you are confused right now because you call pop soda.) Probably because I am a pop fiend. They learn what they see, right? It’s not one of our finer points. Anyway, I wanted to show the girls what pop does to their teeth because they are both kind of in a funk where they don’t want to brush without a lot of prompting. So we talked about how your teeth are made of the same basic stuff (calcium) as eggshells, and so we could soak some eggs in drinks that we … Read more

T-Shirt Chromatography – Art & Science Experiment for Kids

T-shirt chromatography is an “experiment” that dates the whole way back to my days in the science museum in the ’90s. We routinely did paper chromatography at our Discovery Bar on the museum floor, and I decided to try the same thing with t-shirts and Sharpie markers. I may not have discovered the concept of Sharpie marker chromatography, but I was definitely early on in the idea. Back then, I had the kids stretch their shirts over buckets and drip rubbing alcohol on the design with an eye dropper. That was fun, but it was also tedious. I didn’t think my kids (especially … Read more

Paper Towers – Kids Science Project and S.T.E.M. Challenge

This is a very simple engineering activity that uses trash to make a cool project. Grace did it once a few months ago at the Girls in STEM workshop at a local science center, and she loved it. I’m sure your kids will love it, too. Grab a big stack of scrap paper and get started. (We keep a box for scrap paper – papers where one side has been printed on, usually for contracts, misprints, calendars, and the like.) Paper Tower Materials A roll of masking tape A stack of 8.5″x11″ paper – We used plain white typing paper, but … Read more

How to Make a Pitfall Bug Trap – Easy Kids Science Project

Today, we are answering the question, What insects live in my yard? This particular project posed a few problems where my own children were concerned: They were away for the weekend, camping with my sister. They hate bugs. They hate anything that might be related to bugs. Did I mention that they are not at all interested in small things that have 6 and 8 legs? No, not at all. So I knew I wanted to do a project dealing with creepy crawly things, because some kids are interested in those, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Joe and … Read more