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Kid-Approved Packed Lunches Without Sandwiches

If you’ve been following along with my lunch-packing tips over the last couple of weeks, you have seen 50+ Creative School Lunch Ideas and 5 tips for easier lunch packing. In the 5 tips post, one of the first tips I share is to get your kids involved. Let me tell you something. I set out to do this post today, violating my own rules. My plan was to create 4 lunches, each with its own main dish and unique side dishes. The girls were playing Barbies in the living room, Joe was working on some watermelon ice cream (coming … Read more

6 Tips for Easier Lunch Packing

                                  With homeschool co-op starting next week and regular schools starting around the same time, you are undoubtedly starting to think about packing lunches. Keep reading for lunch packing tips. If you are looking for lunch content, head over to this post for 50+ creative school lunch ideas. To begin to prepare for our lunch packing, we headed to our local Walmart (Allie’s favorite place on earth). The kids had their lists – Goldfish crackers, fresh fruit, and cheese. I had my list – … Read more

50+ Creative School Lunch Ideas

I was excited to do a sponsored post for Rubbermaid LunchBlox because we pack a lot of lunches, we are always on the lookout for new lunch containers, and we really like the quality of the Rubbermaid brand of containers. The package with the LunchBlox arrived during a week of music camp for Grace. She immediately took the package and used it to pack her lunch for the following day. The containers are awesome because they come in a variety of sizes, perfect for the variety of foods in a healthy meal. For some families, summer means a reprieve from packing … Read more